Summer Spotlight - 2018 Lunar Clubman SR

Peter Southwood

During the Summer Months, we are going to be taking a closer look at a selection of caravans made by various manufacturers, focussing on a variety of models to highlight the diverse options available.

Find the time to unwind in luxury with this lightweight Lunar...

This Lunar Clubman SR is a fabulous four-berth holiday companion

Welcome to week 2 of our Summer Spotlight, each week we will be turning our spotlight on and taking a closer look at one of the many caravans available to you the customer. Last week we focused on Bailey’s redesigned 2 berth, the Unicorn Series IV Seville. This week we are going to be hopping over to Lunar, and taking a look at the Clubman range, Lunar’s top spec caravan range. Specifically, we will be dialling in on the SR, a 4-berth caravan with a contemporary rear island bed layout.

When you first walk into any Lunar Clubman you can tell that it is the best of the best. It is clear that Lunar have put a lot of thought into the style, finish and layout of this range which oozes quality and luxury throughout. You can see all of this with help of the very large rooflight located in the centre of the caravan. This “Sky-View” rooflight provides an immense amount of natural light even on the cloudiest day, giving a nice airy feel. Combine this with the cream and duck egg blue Durango soft furnishings, it really shows you how spacious the van is - and it is, at 7’8’’ wide.

What would make your evening even more relaxing when you are reclining on those comfortable front seats? Calming music and candles? Well you won’t need those to get the cosy atmosphere you are after with this van - as you can dim the over locker lounge lighting from the main control panel, meaning your mood lighting is sorted. Then just pop on your favourite whale noises (ooooh) on the radio cd player located inside the triangular locker and you will be graced with 'woohouuhhuhu', without any speakers or frontage spoiling the tranquil setting found in the lounge!

As found in any good top of the range caravan, the Clubman SR comes with everything you would expect it to with regards to the kitchen area, 4 burner hob including one electric hotplate, 133ltr fridge and a separate oven and grill. This is all brought together with some modern additions such as a stylish splashback, folding table top to provide extra workspace and also 2 USB points which are also located in the kitchen area. This caravan also has the ALDE heating system.

Going through to the bathroom, this particular layout has a centre washroom, set out in a Jack and Jill style. With the toilet on one side, sink in the middle and a circular shower on the other (unique to the SR model). There are also two entrances to the bedroom, so you don’t have to roll over one another or even do the famous ‘crab walk’ around the bed to access this area. What is also nice about this layout is that since the washroom is central, when you are entertaining guests, you need not disturb one another during the night, when using the facilities.

Then finally we reach the bedroom, with the island bed located centrally along the back wall, accompanied by ample storage space either side for both you and your partner. Additionally, you also have plenty of storage under the bed which can be accessed by two external locker doors or by simply lifting the bed. Don’t worry if you normally struggle with lifting this, the gas assisted struts make it easy for anyone to lift this, and to aid you even further there is a courtesy light underneath the bed.

When you are done putting your bits and bobs away and are ready to tuck in for the night why not doze off to more whale noises! Or if you had enough of the animals from the deep, you can put on a film. In the Clubman SR there is a TV bracket located on the wall at the end of the bed perfect for watching your favourite Marvel film with your partner (mine’s Deadpool), or another of your choice of course.

Taking a tour around the outside of this luxurious 4 berth (which could also be known as a large two berth to some) you will find a sleek finish with a host of exciting features exclusive to upmarket caravans. Some of these include an external gas BBQ point, an Alko Stabiliser and ATC Trailer Control system (the perfect combination for a stable tow), a receiver for the Alko Secure Wheel lock which comes from the factory with the caravan and a sealed wet locker with mains point inside, separate from the front locker. Unique to the Lunar range, this year’s Clubman’s have a swish, bright white, sliding front locker door which provides not only easy access when putting gas bottles in but also means it is easy to see what is in this large locker - assisted by the service light situated on the A-Frame.

All of these above features plus a whole lot more make it the perfect caravan in which to treat yourself to a great weekend away whether on a service pitch or wild camping. This experience can be made even better with the addition of a solar panel to the Clubman SR; for best compatibility, we would recommend a Sargent solar panel with any Clubman caravan, as you can keep an eye on the input from the easy to use caravan control panel above the door.

Starting from today, we are also delighted to announce we are able to offer a free Powrtouch Evolution Manual Actuation motor mover with any Lunar caravan order placed until the end of August. This is a great asset to the caravan, which simplifies many aspects of your caravanning experience, from arriving at a pitch or hooking on to your car, to storing the van at home.

There really is no better time to pick up your new Lunar, with a special price on this particular caravan saving you a massive £2329 - discounted from £25,824 down to £23,495 while stocks last.

You can view more about the Clubman SR here:

Your Summer Adventure Starts Here!

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