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Digital TV Amplifier & Signal Finder VP5

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Digital TV Amplifier & Signal Finder VP5

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This Vision Plys VP5 Digital Amplifier is designed to enhance the performance of all non-amplified, directional and Omni-directional TV and radio antennas such as STATUS and IMAGE antennas. There is also a separate non-amplified outlet for FM Radio reception when used in conjunction with a UHF/FM antenna.

This unique product also incorporates a dedicated Signal Finder which will enable you to locate the strongest available digital TV signal.

This powerful amplifier with high gain and low noise capabilities will ensure improved performance, especially in poor reception areas.


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Frequency Range: UHF 470-790 MHz / Radio 88-108 MHz

Amplifier gain max: 15db

Noise Figure: <2.2 db

Power Supply: 10.8-28 vDC

Power Consumption: 55 ma

Outlets: 3 TV, 1 Radio

Dimensions: 157 x 46 x 29mm

  • Locate your Vision Plys TV Digital Amplifier between your antenna and television and secure using the two screws supplied
  • The Amplifier requires a 12-24 volt power supply from a fused auxiliary outlet fed from the battery. If wiring directly to a battery we recommend an in-line fuse (max 5amp) on the positive wire. If unsure please consult with a qualified installer.
  • Alternatively, the optional Vision Plus 12vDC Mains Adapter allows the TV Digital Amplifier to be powered by 230v AC mains power.

DO NOT connect into any other 12-volt power cables as they may carry electrical interference which will cause picture distortion.

  • Connect your antenna lead into the 'ANT-IN' socket.
  • Connect your TV antenna lead into the 'TV' socket

Please note: The range of frequencies you'll be able to receive will be dependant on the design of your antenna.

  • Switch ON the VP Digital Amplifier and the LED will illuminate
  • Check the gain is set to MIN by rotating the button anti-clockwise.
  • Determine whether the TV transmissions are horizontal or vertical
  • Rotate the antenna
  • RED - Poor Signal - Keep Turning
  • YELLOW - Getting better - slow down
  • GREEN - Signals located, ready to GO
  • If there's no GREEN, increase the gain and repeat the 360-degree rotation
  • Once the transmitter has been located, increase the gain to MAX
  • Turn on your TV set and tune in. This may be necessary at all new locations.


  • You may detect more than one transmitter. Choose the position that gives you the most channels when tuning in your TV
  • In poor signal areas, the LED may only glow YELLOW
  • In strong signal areas, you may need to reduce the gain by rotating the control anti-clockwise.

Price: £31.95

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