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Slam Sink Unblocker

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Slam Sink Unblocker

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Use this Kilrock Slam Kitchen Plughole Unblocker that dissolves fat, grease and food in your kitchen and bathroom effortlessly.

This powerful formula effectively tackles stubborn kitchen blockages with no mess and no fuss.

Simply pour the whole bottle down the plughole and leave to work its magic. 

Features and Benefits

  • Fast acting - Rapidly clears blockages, stopping slow draining water and refreshing smelly sinks.
  • Easy to use - Simply pour the contents of the sachet down the plughole, pour a cup of cold water down and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Versatile - Use this plughole unblocker anywhere around your home whether this is your bathroom, kitchen, utility room or other.

How To Use

  • Empty any remaining water from the sink
  • Cut corner from the pack, pour the entire pack contents slowly down the plughole
  • Carefully pour around 1 litre of very hot water down the plughole
  • Leave for 3 minutes
  • Flush plughole with lots of tap water
  • Repeat this process a second time if the blockage is not cleared
  • Do not repeat a third time. Call a plumber if the problem persists


  • Contains Sodium Hydroxide
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Price: £1.99

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