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Caravan layout - what’s right for you?

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When it comes to caravan layout, there are many different options to consider! What’s right for you will depend on a number of things - how many of you there are, if you have small children, what your caravanning plans are, whether you have pets, how much storage you will need… the list goes on!

The best way to start is to make a list of the main requirements you have for your caravan. Consider all the points below and you’ll end up with a list of must-haves that will allow you to start browsing caravans armed with a checklist of what features it needs to have.

Caravan layout - what’s right for you? - Winchester CaravansBerths

How many beds do you need? Caravan berth usually ranges from 2-6, but you should also keep in mind that having a higher berth caravan will give you extra living space as the beds double up as seating areas. So while there may only be two of you, getting a 4-berth may give you more space to play with. It would be nice for instance, to be able to get out of bed and have somewhere to sit and have your first cuppa of the day without having to pack your bed away immediately. 

This would also apply to small families; a 6-berth may mean that there’s extra place to sit where the seats don’t need to be converted to beds later. This is particularly handy for parents to use as a living area in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed, or for the kids to use in the mornings if they’re early risers and like to be able to get out of bed and sit and do some colouring or use their tablets or devices.

Bed configuration

Once you’ve decided how many beds you need, give a thought to how these would be best laid out. There are more options the larger berth you go for, so if you’re travelling with children and going for a 6-berth, would you like your bed to be separate at the back of the caravan? Or do you have more than one child and want them to sleep in separate areas to ensure they are not keeping each other awake? Some caravan layouts offer beds at the front, middle and back so there are options to cater for this need if it’s something you’re concerned about.

If going for a 4 or 6-berth caravan, you’ll need to decide if you’d like your master double bed to be static. It would be great to be able to get out of bed and close the door on it knowing it’s all ready for you to flop back into at the end of a busy day! On the other hand, being able to fold it away and create more daytime living space is attractive too, so really give this choice some thought.

Washroom position

Where would you prefer the washroom to be? In 2-berths, it’s pretty straightforward, but if you’re travelling in larger groups, there are things to consider. Would you like the washroom at the back of the caravan out of the way and perhaps next to your bed? Or close to where the kids will be sleeping in case they need the loo in the night? 

Perhaps you will be sleeping at the front of the caravan and the kids will be in twin beds further back - in this case you may prefer to go for a washroom that is in the middle so that you’re not having to walk past them to brush your teeth after they’ve gone to sleep.

Having a ‘Jack and Jill’ style washroom in the middle of the caravan across the entire width will give everyone a bit more privacy at night time and everyone will have easy access.


Investigate how much storage the caravans you are interested have, especially if you don’t travel light! Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you don’t want to be tripping over loads of stuff because there’s not enough space to store it all. Keep in mind though that you could also opt for an awning which would also provide valuable storage space.


An awning is a great investment, especially if you’re looking to go on trips for more than a couple of days or are travelling with children or friends. It will provide you will bags of extra space, which will come in particularly handy if the Great British Weather is doing it’s thing and you’re not able to sit outside as much as you’d like!

We offer a wide range of awnings and our team of experts are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have regarding the right awning for your needs and caravan.

Make yourself at home

Sometimes the best way to get a real feel for which layout will work best for you and your family is to spend some time inside a few! We have a huge range or new and pre-owned caravans with various layouts in stock at our showroom in Colden Common, so why not pop in and take a look around a few? Looking at photos and floorplans are a great way to get an idea of what might suit you, but actually sitting and spending some time in a few will really focus your mind. 

You’re welcome any time and we’re on hand if you have any questions or fancy a cuppa! Have a browse online first then come in when you’re ready - we look forward to meeting you!

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