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One of the most common things that people worry about when going on camping and caravanning holidays is whether their quality of sleep will be compromised by not being in their own bed. And while it may feel strange to begin with, caravans can be very comfortable and actually provide you with a great night’s rest.

The beds are very comfy and spacious and that teamed with lots of fresh air and getting away from life’s everyday stresses and strains, you may even find yourself sleeping better than you do at home!...

Ensure a good night's sleep - Winchester CaravansAnd to make absolutely sure that you sleep like a baby, we’ve compiled this handy list of dos and don’ts to secure yourself a great nights’ sleep in your home from home...


It’s all about location! When pitching your caravan, make sure you choose a good spot. If the pitch is on a slope you will need to level your caravan to ensure you’re not rolling out of bed every night! Also, being on a slope will prevent the fridge from working. Use the jockey wheel and caravan jacks to level front to back and caravan levellers to level side to side. 

Be mindful of your neighbours - for your sake as well as theirs!! If you or they have pets or children, keep in mind that they may create noise and leave as much space as possible in between your pitches to limit noise pollution and increase privacy. If you do not have children or pets and really do not want to be disturbed by any, check if your immediate neighbours have any before you get settled!

If you’re after a restful break, remember not to pitch too close to the facilities - the last thing you want to hear at night is the loo flushing not would it be pleasant to be woken up by someone washing up at 7am! Some caravan sites may have lighting around so if you don’t want to contend with light pollution, be sure to park away from the lights.


Safe and secure

Before turning in for the night, make sure that everything is switched off  and that the door is locked and that the caravan is safe and secure - this will put your mind at rest that everyone inside is safe and you’ll be able to rest easy.


A place for everyone

If you’re travelling as a family, plan where everyone is going to sleep ahead of time. This will avoid last-minute fussing when it’s time to go to sleep - especially if you have young children - and will make for a smoother bedtime. 

Have a good think about where everyone would be best suited to sleeping - should the adults go next to the bathroom so that if they stay up later than the kids, they’ll have easier access without disturbing the little ones? Or would the kids be better off near the loo in case they get caught short in the night? 

If you have a larger family and have a six-berth caravan, would it be better if the children are separated to prevent them from disturbing each other? These are all things to consider prior to your trip to ensure nighttimes go as well as possible.


Choose comfy bedding

Although your caravan may only be an occasional bed, it’s worth investing in some decent bedding as it will make all the difference. You might even consider replicating what you have at home - you know it’s comfortable and it will give you a bit of familiarity too! Invest in nice quality fitted sheets, loose sheets, duvet sets, pillows and duvets - better than a scratchy sleeping bag any day! And when you’re not caravanning, the extra bedding will come in handy to use as guest bedding at home.


Get the temperature right

An important contributing factor to sleeping well is being at the right temperature. All caravans come with heaters, which run on thermostats so it’s easy to set the desired temperature in the evening to ensure a comfortable night and so it comes back on in the morning. 

In warm or hot weather, keep the caravan well ventilated, wear lighter nightwear and use lighter bedding. You could even utilise a fan or two or invest in some air conditioning units if you’re caravanning for long periods during hot weather.


Don’t drink too much!

This goes for both alcohol and liquid in general! If you drink loads of fluids in the evening, you may find that you need to get up for the loo in the night and that won’t make for a good night’s sleep at all! But this one is down to you!


Beware of the snorers

If you’re going caravanning with a snorer, it may be wise to invest in some ear plugs! (Or if you’re the snorer, purchase some for your loved ones!) As you’ll be sleeping in close quarters with your family for the duration of the trip, earplugs may help keep the peace and ensure that no one else’s sleep is disturbed by the noise! This will mean that everyone wakes up refreshed and that no one is in the bad books!


Get an early night

Camping and caravanning life usually starts early in the morning so make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time to ensure you get enough sleep. If you stay up late every night and then get woken up early in the morning, this burning of the candle at both ends will soon catch up with you! Everyone gets grumpy when tired so getting enough sleep each night will mean that everyone will be in better spirits and more able to appreciate the break and make the most of all it has to offer.


We know all about it

If you’d like advice on getting a great night’s sleep in your caravan, or fancy a browse around our accessory shop for fabulous sleeping items tailored to your caravan, pop in and see us! Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team are always on hand and happy to help!

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