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Caravanning with kids

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There are many reasons why taking the kids on a caravanning holiday is the best move you’ll ever make! Kids love the adventure of camping and caravanning, being close to the great outdoors and that feeling of sleeping in ‘the wild’ is second to none! They’ll have so many adventures exploring the site and all it has to offer.

Many sites are in rural or forest areas which provide loads of opportunities for the kids to get outside and play. Riding their bikes, climbing trees, collecting sticks, they’ll do it all! They’ll make friends with children from other families staying at the site and make up fun games to play together. This is memory-building at its best - and ones that will last a lifetime.

Caravanning with kids - Winchester Caravans & MotorhomesOn top of that, caravanning makes for an inexpensive holiday. A week-long trip could cost you a fraction of what a package holiday abroad would. Just think what else you could do with that money - or it could mean that you have several caravanning holidays instead of just one overseas.

Caravans come in larger sizes of up to 6-berth, so they can comfortably accommodate families of two adults and up to four children - more if you pitch an awning or tent alongside.

So if you’re planning on a caravanning holiday this year and you will have children in tow, discover the top things to consider to ensure your trip is smooth sailing...

Top things to consider when caravanning with kids

  • The journey

“Are we there yet?” Getting to your destination is possibly the most challenging part of the holiday, particularly if you’re travelling far. The kids will be excited and impatient to get there so think of ways to keep them entertained during the journey and you’ll be ahead of the game. To avoid relying on tablets and mobile phones the whole time, think of some games the kids can play on the journey. ‘Looking’ games like ‘I spy’ and ‘see how many red cars you can spot in 10 minutes’ are always popular, or you could create a list of things to spot and the kids can tick off the items when they see them on the journey. There could be a prize for spotting them all!

  • Limit the toys

Whatever you do, make sure you take some toys with you to keep them entertained in wet weather or when they’re taking a break from all the outdoor activities. Allow each child to select 10 small toys to bring with them and throw in some colouring books and pencils for good measure! Games like cards, uno and dominoes are great family games and don’t take up much room.

  • Pitch in peace

Keep the children entertained while you’re pitching and setting up and it’ll be calmer for everyone. If they’re a bit older, send them off to start exploring or if you have young children, get out the toys, colouring books or ipad to keep them interested until you’re pitched and settled.

  • On yer bike

It’s a great idea to take the kids’ bikes with you - they’ll provide hours of fun, cycling around the site and exploring. If you haven’t already got one, invest in a bike rack. It’ll keep the bikes out of the way and secure whilst travelling. Our on-site accessory shop has a range of racks to suit every caravan...

  • Pick the right site

Make sure you do your research into the caravan sites available in your chosen area. Pitch-up is a great website to check out. You’ll want to go for a site that is child-friendly, with open space for games and running around; a park would be an added bonus too!

  • Facilities

What onsite facilities are there? Do they have plenty of loos dotted around so a block is accessible to all parts of the site regardless of where you pitch? Do they have family bathrooms? These are so handy for showering the little ones when both of you are there to help! Also look into whether they offer children’s entertainment or kids clubs - these are all things to consider!

  • Holiday activities

What activities would the kids like to do during the trip? Are there any places that you would like to go as a family? Sit everyone down before the trip and discuss how you’d all like to spend your time - exploring the site and playing or getting out and about? Perhaps a bit of both! Look up what there is to do in the area and earmark the places that take your fancy.

  • Investigate local eateries

Research the local places to eat. Are there a few places that are child-friendly and not too pricey? Eating out as a family can be expensive! Perhaps look for pubs with play areas in the garden or soft play inside do you can enjoy a bit of chill time after your meal. Places like Harvester and Pizza Hut also cater well for kids and they love the buffet-style salad bars! And they’re a good way to encourage them to get their 5 a day!

  • Invest in an awning 

Having an awning if you’re travelling with children is a great idea. It provides a bit of extra space for them to play, which will be a godsend if the weather is bad! It also gives you extra space for storing stuff so it’s win-win!

  • Decide the sleeping arrangements

Make sure you’ve thought about and decided where the kids will be sleeping ahead of time. Think through the options - is it best for them to be close to the washroom for midnight toilet trips or tucked away at the back of the caravan so the adults can close the door and relax a bit after they’re in bed? It’s also a good idea to tell them where they’ll be sleeping before the trip so there are no surprises at bedtime. This will hopefully mean that they settle quicker too. 

Don’t forget to pack:

  1. Dustpan and brush / handheld vacuum / doormats - children create a lot of mess!

  2. Waterproofs and wellies - so you can get outdoors whatever the weather.

  3. Suncream and sun hats -  you never know, it might be sunny!

  4. Outdoor toys such as a football and cricket set - the kids will love it and they’re great family activities too.

  5. First aid kit and Calpol - there’s nothing worse than a poorly or injured child with no remedies!


Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes offer a range of new and pre-owned caravans - visit our Colden Common showroom and take a look if you’re considering becoming a caravanner! If you already are, take a look at our online accessory shop and browse the huge range of caravanning products we stock - we have everything you could possibly need for your next trip!

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