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Are you the cook when it comes to trips away? Or do you like to sit on the sofa and give instructions? Perhaps your family lives on ready meals and takeaways when you’re away? Well no more! You’ve got a  fantastically-equipped caravan kitchen to make use of!

There are loads of possibilities when it comes to caravan cooking! Most modern caravans come with hobs, ovens and even microwaves (and if not you can purchase one separately), so as long as you have electrical hook up, a leisure battery or gas bottle, you’ll be able to make pretty much anything you would at home.

Caravan cooking tips - Winchester Caravans and MotorhomesYou may have less storage and worktop space than at home though so it’s a good idea to think about what would be the best meals to make in the space you have. Cooking a full family roast dinner would be a challenge and the washing up would take a while! But there are plenty of easy meals that you can knock up in 30 mins and have cleared away in no time...

10 quick and easy caravan meals

  1. Fajitas
    Everyone loves fajitas! Simply fry the chicken, onions and peppers in a pan on your hob and serve with wraps, dips, salad and grated cheese - yum!

  1. Chilli
    A great, quick and filling dish - simply throw mince, veggies, beans and chopped tomatoes into a frying pan with a little chilli powder and the rice in a saucepan and you’re done! You could even opt for microwavable bags of rice to make your life even easier!

  2. Jacket potatoes
    Cook the jackets in the oven - or even the microwave if time is short - and enjoy with cheese and beans or tuna mayo with a side salad - delicious!

  3. Pasta
    Such a versatile dish - simply boil in a pan on the hob and it’s done! You could try a jar of sauce or make your own using passata and a few veggies and herbs. Frozen or pre chopped vegetables will work well. Go veggie or introduce any meat you like - fry off diced chicken or keep it simple by adding some pre packaged salami or chorizo for an extra kick.

  4. Stir fry
    Can be cooked in one big pan or wok - throw in your meat and cook first, add stir fry veg and finish off with fresh noodles and a bit of soy sauce - what could be easier?

  5. Hot dogs
    If you’re feeling lazy, hot dogs is the meal to go for! Simply warm some frankfurters and place them in bread rolls - you could fry off some onions and add ketchup and mustard too if the mood takes you. The kids will love them!

  6. Frozen pizzas
    Another quick and easy one if you have an oven in your caravan. Serve with salad, coleslaw and new potatoes for a bit of variety.

  7. Omelette
    These are great because they’re quick and easy to make and can be customised to suit each family member! Cheese and ham, tomato and onion, meat feast, or just as it is - the choice is yours!

  8. Spag bol
    A pan for the spaghetti and a pan for the meat and sauce - it’s always a family favourite. Serve with garlic bread or ciabatta if you fancy something to dip!

  9. Bangers and mash
    Can be done with just a hob - fry the sausages and boil and mash the potatoes. Serve with gravy and your choice of veg. Real comfort food at its best!

Plan your meals

Take the stress out of your caravan cooking by planning what meals you’ll have whilst you’re away. Doing this will mean you don’t have to think up ideas every day and it’ll make the evening meal a lot more relaxed. You could even rope your partner or kids into helping too - until the novelty wears off at least! Consider doing an online shop prior to your trip, using click and collect from a nearby supermarket. This will mean you can avoid faffing in a supermarket and spend more time enjoying the great outdoors!


Break out the BBQ!

One of the best things about caravanning? Endless BBQs! They’re great for cooking the traditional burgers and sausages of course, but you can also use them for cooking your bacon butties in the mornings, meat platters for lunch - think chicken thighs, pork chops and even steaks if you’re feeling extravagant! Not to mention lots of fish and veggie options - salmon wrapped in foil, corn on the cobs, asparagus and of course, halloumi! Finish off with a few toasted marshmallows and you’re good to go!


Venture out

Take a night or two off from the cooking - you are on holiday after all! Find out what pubs and restaurants are nearby and check out their menus to see if there’s anything you fancy! Or go for a stroll and see where you end up - you can then enjoy a few drinks before the walk back without worrying about leaving the car somewhere!


Our accessory shop stocks hundreds of products and has everything you could possibly need for caravan culinary success! From BBQs and cooking utensils to crockery and cutlery and everything in between! Pop in for a browse and see what we have to make your trip that little bit easier…

Why not browse our range of awnings while you’re at it? Awnings provide the perfect area for you to enjoy more spacious dining when the weather’s not great - some of them can double your footprint!

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