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Caravan v motorhome: pros and cons

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At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes we now sell both caravans and motorhomes, offering you the option to choose between driving or towing, whichever you prefer!

Perhaps you are new to the entire leisure vehicle game or looking to switch from one to the other? Before you make your purchase, why not explore the pros and cons of each and see where it takes you…?



  • Caravan v motorhome: pros and cons - Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes

    Caravans are very reasonably priced; they cost much less to buy than motorhomes as they are not a driving vehicle and do have working parts in the same way that motorhomes do.

  • There’s less maintenance on a caravan as there is no engine and there’s no need for an MOT.

  • Once you reach your destination you can pitch and level your caravan and set it up in the way you want, knowing that it will not have to be moved during your trip. 

  • As your caravan will stay where you pitch it, it is easier to set up a cosy camp with an awning and windbreaks etc, providing more living space and privacy.

  • Opting for a caravan will mean that once you have detached it, you are then free to go wherever you like in your car, unlike with a motorhome which is both your holiday home and vehicle in one, which can be cumbersome.

  • Caravans are very spacious as they do not have the driving area at the front. They also look nicer on the inside too because there is no driving area.


  • Caravans have to be towed which can be tricky and make the travelling experience less enjoyable.

  • If you have a small or medium sized car, you may have to consider changing your car to be able to tow the caravan you want if it is over a certain weight.

  • Caravans can take a while to pitch as they will need to be levelled and awnings may need to be set up which can take some time.

  • Caravans tend to depreciate faster than motorhomes.

  • Due to their lightweight design, the amount of weight that you can take with you has a limit - so make sure you check what this is before planning your trip and ensure that you don’t exceed it.

  • Caravans can be tricky to manoeuvre, particularly when reversing! Luckily, you won’t have to do this often! 



  • It is quicker to move from place to place in a motorhome as there is no pitching and levelling to do. You’re less likely to erect an awning on a motorhome so when you decide to go, you can do so at the drop of a hat!

  • A motorhome may offer more storage space, especially if you choose one that has ‘garage’ space.

  • In a motorhome, you’re completely self contained, giving you that ‘all in one’ feeling.

  • Motorhomes are suitable for ‘wild’ camping whereas caravans are not. If travelling to Europe, motorhomes are allowed at many more sites than caravans are.

  • Pre-owned motorhomes hold their value really well.

  • As you’re not ‘towing’ anything separately, it’s a nicer driving experience.


  • Your holiday home is also your vehicle so if you want to go anywhere, you have to vacate your pitch and take the whole thing with you. This makes ‘setting up camp’ a little harder and there may not be any point in erecting awnings if they are ones that take some time.

  • The motorhome being your vehicle can also pose other problems such as when you go sightseeing, or even just need to pop to the supermarket you’ve got to manoeuvre and park your large vehicle. There may not even be any spaces that can accommodate it.

  • If you have mechanical issues while you are away, your place to sleep is in jeopardy if it needs to go into a garage to be fixed.

  • Motorhomes cost a lot more than caravans because they are also a motor vehicle. You can see where the extra money is going, but it is more to shell out up front.

  • Your motorhome will require servicing and MOTs to be up to date to ensure it is roadworthy and will also need more maintenance than a caravan. These are also additional costs.

  • Motorhomes can be less spacious inside than caravans of the same size because you lose some internal space to the driving area.


If you’re still on the fence, why not search for some blogs written by people that have owned both and see how they rated each? Or narrow it down to a couple of models of each that you like and read reviews to see what the various owners make of them.


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