Why buy your VW camper from us?

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VW campervans are cool, there’s no two ways about it! There’s something very attractive about throwing a bag in the back on a Friday evening and heading off for the weekend - the world is your oyster!

VW offers the desired lifestyle when it comes to campervanning - they’re reliable, sturdy, spacious and they look amazing! They’re compact enough to fit on the driveway easily when not in use and double up as a family vehicle during the week. So why not make 2021 the year of the camper?

Camper Van

At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes we’ll present you with a range of options for buying your campervan and all you have to do is decide what’s right for you. So what are the options?

Buy pre-converted

Buying pre-converted means that although you’ll have to wait for the conversion to be done, you’ll get to have your say in what spec and interior is installed so you can tailor it completely to your requirements and taste! You can select the type of upholstery and furnishings, as well as what kitchen appliances and storage options you’d like. There may even be scope to tweak the seating or sleeping arrangements slightly to suit your family and the way you plan to use the van.

In addition to this, you’ll also have more power to select the exact type of VW van you want. There are three levels of Transporter van - the Startline, Trendline and Highline and the names say it all. The Startline has a 5.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, electric front windows, electric heated door mirrors and single front passenger seat. Trendline models have various added extras such as parking sensors, bluetooth phone connection, cruise control and body coloured bumpers. Highline also offers an upgraded alarm system, leather steering wheel and gear knob, upgraded air con system and front fog lights.

If you’re interested in this option, please get in touch to discuss further and get your build slot for booked for later in the year.

Buy ready to go

Although you won’t have as much say in the finished van, you can make a list of must-have qualities and stick to it to ensure you’re happy with the model you opt for. There’s so much to choose from and with our help, you can’t go wrong! Do your research before you start actively looking so you know which VW base van model you’d ideally like and what facilities would be preferable for you.

Buying ready-converted means you’ll be able to take delivery of your van a lot quicker and you’ll be off enjoying adventures in your van as the weather warms up and sites reopen. Happy holidays!

Top 5 reasons to go for a VW camper


VW is known for its superior quality. The Transporter vans are reliable and have well galvanised bodies, making them ideal for conversion. Conversions carried out by a reputable company will mean that the high quality will continue through to the finish as well.


The great thing about campervans over camping or caravanning is that they are the easy option! They have facilities onboard, such as the kitchenette and storage space, so you’ll have less to pack and will be able to get away quicker and with less planning. This will enable you to have more breaks away, with less hassle! There’s also the added benefit of when you’re away, it’s easy to move around - there’s no towing as you’re in a van and no ‘pitching’ and levelling up to do, so you really can location-hop as you please!


They’re compact - much smaller than motorhomes - so they’re easier to drive and park when out and about, which will give you peace of mind when you’re on a trip and don’t always know where you’re going! They’re also easy to store as it will fit in a double garage or on a small driveway, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding space for it.


They’re flexible - some models come with five seats for travelling (great for families) and can comfortably sleep a family of five or four adults. They have a fully equipped kitchenette, enabling you to take all your meals on-board if you wish. The fridge means you’ll have cold drinks to hand around the clock and the ability to make a cuppa whenever you fancy one!


VW campervans hold their value really well so it’ll be money well-spent! They’re always in high demand so if you’ve gone for a good quality conversion you’ll have no trouble selling it on when the time comes to upgrade.

Why buy from us?

  • We work in partnership with Camper King, an established VW van conversion company based in Warwickshire and the biggest in the industry. They are a well-known and well-respected business who have an impressive track record for high-quality VW conversions.
  • We supply a full warranty on all of our vehicles so you can rest assured that any issue will be sorted quickly and without fuss.
  • We were crowned ‘Best Supplying Dealer of New Caravans’ in the 2020 Owner Satisfaction Awards. Our satisfaction score of 91.4% demonstrates the extremely high level of customer service we provide.
  • We’re a reputable, quality dealer and our customers agree - our rating is 4.7/5 on Google reviews.
  • We take a relaxed sales approach and don’t work on commission so you’ll never feel pressured to buy. Feel free to come in for a browse, ask us any questions you have and the rest is up to you!

Browse the range of VW campers we have in stock and pop in when we reopen on 12 April to take a closer look! Or get in touch to find out more about other model options or let us chat you through the process of buying pre-converted - we’ll be with you every step of the way!

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