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Caravan beds - what's the choice?

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When you’re choosing a caravan, there are many things to consider - will you go for new or pre-owned? Regular or extra wide? 2, 4 or 6 berth? Mid or end washroom?

One of the most important things to get right is the sleeping arrangements as getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important!

Swift Elegance bed

Sleeping well could make all the difference to how enjoyable your holiday is. This is your well-deserved break from everyday life and you need to be comfortable and well-rested! That’s why caravans come with a range of bed choices to ensure there is something to suit every preference and family.

You should consider how many beds you need, where you want each person to be located and whether you want the beds fixed or foldaway. It’s a lot to think about, but if you put the time in now and get the right set up for you, you’ll be happier with your choice in the long run. 

Mattresses may differ between manufacturers so if you’re not wed to one particular brand, it’s worth trying out a few. For example, Bailey mattresses are pocket sprung, whilst Swift favour reflex foam - both comfy but it’s a matter of preference. At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes, we stock new models from the leading Bailey and Swift ranges, as well as high-quality pre-owned models from manufacturers such as Lunar, Buccaneer, Coachman, Hymer and Elddis. So why not pop in or make an appointment to try a few mattresses for yourself?

Know your options

So what are the options? There are five different types of bed, so read up on them all, weigh up the pros and cons of each and this should help you decide which will suit your needs best.


A French bed is double in size, located lengthways along the wall. The advantages of this type of bed is that it saves space and allows the washroom to be located alongside the bedroom. The downsides are that one person will have to sleep against the wall and the person on the other side will have less leg length as the end of a French bed slant off, meaning there is no corner to the foot of the bed. If one of you is shorter or sleeps curled this should be fine. 

Rear Island

A Rear Island bed is a double that is positioned on the back wall of the caravan. These are great as they allow access from both sides, but they also take up a lot of space and prohibit an end washroom. If you want your bedroom at the back of the caravan tucked away, these are a good choice.

Transverse Island

A Transverse Island is a double that is positioned in the middle of the caravan across the width. The advantages are that they enable you to have the washroom at the back of the caravan and you can access the bed from both sides. In some caravans they could make squeezing past to the bathroom tricky so perhaps consider an extra wide caravan if you’re keen on this option.


Twin beds are two single beds located close to each other. They are popular as they provide versatile sleeping options, easy access for the users and comfortable lone sleeping! They can be more easily slotted into the layout and do not take up much space.


Bunks are two single beds on top of one another. These are great space savers and ideal for kids, but adults may not be so keen on sleeping in them!

Fixed or foldaway?

The other thing to consider is if you would like a caravan that has foldaway beds or static ones. Caravans with static beds may be more spacious, but a big percentage of the space will not be used during the day. That said, foldaway beds can be laborious as it’s time consuming having to set up and pack away every morning and evening. Some caravans have one or two fixed beds with additional fold out options too so this could offer you the best of both worlds...

Consider your layout

Chat through with your partner or a friend how you will realistically use the space inside your caravan. Do you want to have a lounge that you can use in the evenings too rather than being banished to your bedroom when the kids convert it into their bedroom? Where do you want the kids located within the caravan - separate from each other or close to the washroom for nightly trips? Or perhaps you’d like the washroom next to your room so you can brush your teeth without disturbing the little ones at night… These are all things to consider so make a list of your preferences and make these known when you visit a dealership.

Ensure a good night’s sleep…


When pitching your caravan, make sure you choose a good spot. If the pitch is on a slope you will need to level your caravan to ensure everything is on an even keel inside. Keep in mind that not levelling the caravan properly will prevent the fridge from working too. Use the jockey wheel and caravan jacks to level front to back and caravan levellers to level side to side. 

Be mindful of your neighbours - for your sake as well as theirs! If you or they have pets or children, keep in mind that they may create noise and leave as much space as possible in between your pitches to limit noise pollution and increase privacy. Make sure you don’t pitch too close to the facilities - the sound of toilets flushing, air dryers whizzing and people washing up pots and pans aren’t conducive to a peaceful break!


Although your caravan may only be an occasional bed, it’s worth investing in some decent bedding as it’ll make all the difference. You might even consider replicating what you have at home - you know it’s comfortable and it will give you a bit of familiarity too! Invest in nice quality fitted sheets, loose sheets, duvet sets, pillows and duvets - better than a scratchy sleeping bag any day!


An important contributing factor to sleeping well is being at the right temperature. All caravans come with heaters, which run on thermostats so it’s easy to set the desired temperature in the evening to ensure a comfortable night. In warmer weather, keep the caravan well ventilated, wear lighter nightwear and use lighter bedding. You could even utilise a fan or two or invest in some air conditioning units if you’re caravanning for long periods during hot weather.


If you’re going caravanning with a snorer, it may be wise to invest in some ear plugs! Alternatively you could consider encouraging the snorer to sleep separately from everyone else so as not to disturb. Ensuring everyone wakes up refreshed and ready to enjoy the day is the ultimate aim!

Browse our new and pre-owned caravan ranges today! Did you know that we also sell motorhomes and campervans too? Get in touch or just pop in if you’d like to view any of our vehicles or chat through the caravan bed options in more detail!

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