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One of life’s great pleasures is barbecuing in the great outdoors; cooking and eating outside is something we Britons relish in the summer months when the weather allows it!

Caravanning holidays provide the ideal opportunity to get the BBQ tongs out! It’s a time when you’ll have plenty of outdoor space to do it and it’s also a great way to bring the whole family together and get everyone involved. Caravan kitchens are fully-equipped and great for cooking but BBQs give you that secondary option when the weather’s just too good to stay inside!


CADAC is renowned as the campers (and caravanners!) gas BBQ of choice due to their compact design, high quality and ease of use. CADAC continues to innovate, offering a wide range of outdoor cooking and heating products that have won international awards over the years.


CADAC offers a range of BBQs, which broadly fall into two categories - gas BBQs and portable gas BBQs. Most are compact enough to be suitable for caravanning and the most popular choices include:

A trendy, portable gas BBQ measuring 40cm. Available in 3 colours, it has automatic ignition, an easy clean removable fat pan and a dome with a thermometer.

This versatile low pressure stove has two burners and a push button ignition. You can use this in a number of ways and it comes with two pot stands, a flat plate and a ribbed plate.

This all in one BBQ measures 50cm in size and features a porcelain enamelled dome with stainless steel heat deflector, aluminium BBQ grid and light-weight anodised aluminium legs.

Measuring 40cm, this BBQ comes equipped with a dome with a thermometer, removable fat pan with flame peep holes and an automatic ignition.

This lightweight, portable BBQ is 30cm in size and comes equipped with foldable legs, 4 interchangeable surface options and automatic ignition.

Accessories and parts

CADAC offers a range of accessories and parts to make cooking on your BBQ a breeze. From covers and utensils to pans, pizza stones and gas supply parts, they do it all. 

Don’t forget the other items that may make your caravan barbecuing experience that little bit nicer - the right homeware to serve up on, outdoor furniture to sit on and folding tables for serving up those barbequed feasts!

We stock a selection of our BBQ items in our online shop, but if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please give us a call on 01962 714 844 or pop in to our on-site shop for a closer look. We have much more stock available in the shop and we may be able to order other items in for you - just ask!

Don’t forget to pack these BBQ essentials for your next trip…
  • Tongs, spatula and serving spoons

  • Serving dishes

  • Tupperware to store any leftovers

  • Condiments such as salad dressing and of course, tomato ketchup!

  • Marshmallows (and wooden skewers) for toasting

  • Foil for wrapping items such as salmon fillets, jacket potatoes or corn on the cob

  • Cleaning products to keep your BBQ in tip top condition

Top BBQ meal ideas

The following are just a few ideas of what you could soon be sizzling on your new BBQ! Don’t forget the all-important accompaniments - salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, halloumi and flatbread - yum! 

  • Steak and jackets - cook your steak how you like it and wrap some jackets in foil for the ultimate fluffy potato!

  • Good ol’ burgers and hot dogs - the most basic BBQ offering but tasty none-the-less! Add cheese and relish to your burger and choose from a rage of different-flavoured sausages to tantalise your taste buds!

  • Surf and turf - defined as seafood and red meat, you can make of this what you will! Steak and prawns spring to mind, though lamb and tuna steaks wouldn’t go amiss either!

  • Kebabs - there are many different options on the market and you even opt to create your own! From chicken and chorizo to pepper, onion and mushroom, these treats on sticks are suitable for meat lovers and vegetarians alike!

  • Stir fry - simply pop a pan on top and throw in your favourite meat, vegetables and noodles for a tasty, quick dish. A great meat-free option too!

Check out our online shop,  pop in to our on-site accessory shop for a browse or give us a call on 01962 714 844 for a bit of advice - we’re always happy to help and very knowledgeable!

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