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All you need to know about caravan storage

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Internal storage space in any caravan is limited, but the key to being able to take all your creature comforts with you is to make the most of every inch of storage space available! 

If you’re considering a caravan purchase, read on to find out more about the storage options available and discover the top considerations storage-wise. For caravan owners, our top storage tips may provide some fresh ideas on how to maximise the available space and may give you some things to think about if you’re contemplating an upgrade...

What storage space do caravans have?

Most caravan models have a range of storage throughout the vehicle; wherever there’s a spare bit of space, you’ll usually find a cupboard tucked away! The storage options are very versatile and you can choose to store whatever you wish in the different spaces. You can also utilise a range of storage accessories to maximise the number of items each space can hold. 

How much storage a caravan has will depend on the manufacturer and the dimensions of the caravan. At Winchester Caravans & Motorhomes, we’re official dealers of new Bailey and Swift caravans so we’re able to advise fully on the storage options in these two brands. We also deal in many other pre-owned caravans so please do get in touch with any caravan storage questions, regardless of make.


Most caravan bedrooms have a varying range of storage. This will be a combination of overhead lockers, shallow lockers, wardrobes (on one or both sides of the bed depending on model), cupboards beneath wardrobes, bedside shelves, vanity units with cupboards above and below, and underbed storage.

Underbed storage is extremely valuable and some models have beds that lift up to reveal a vast storage area beneath. If the bed is fixed, you can utilise the space beneath by using large shallow plastic tubs that you can slide in and out. This area is ideal for storing extra clothes, blankets, towels, bedding or bulky items such as roll rolls.


The available storage space in washrooms varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. Bailey washrooms are traditionally spacious while Swift washrooms are more compact to give that additional space to the living area so the choice is down to your own personal preference. Potential storage comes in the form of under sink cupboards, eye level lockers, built in laundry baskets and even additional wardrobes. 

Consider extra shelving to store all your toiletries in an easily accessible place - shower baskets and tension shower caddies are really useful and won’t take up much space.


Every caravan kitchen will have a few cupboards in which to store your kitchenware, but remember you don’t have to limit these cupboards to kitchen items. Consider going for compact versions of things rather than full-sized ones and collapsible homeware is a great space-saving idea too.


There will be a selection of drawers, cupboards and lockers in the lounge too. Some drawers may have hidden drawers within them for easy separation of items and cupboards may be full height, overhead or at foot level. The sofas in some caravans have large hatches running the full length of the sofas on both sides, which is a huge bonus offering bags of extra space.


If you want more space to spread out once you arrive on site, an awning would be the ideal solution. Some awnings can even double your footprint! Once erected, as well as giving you additional living or dining space, you can also utilise folding storage options to give you additional places to put things, which is particularly useful for items such as coats, shoes and boots.

We have a wide range of awnings of all makes and sizes in stock, so check out our ranges online or pop into the showroom for a closer look. We stock brands such as Isabella, Dometic, Ventura, Dorema, Bailey Prima and Vango so we’re sure to have something to suit you and your van. We also sell pre-owned awnings in a range of makes so we should be able to help whatever your budget.

Top storage tips

  • Think about weight and don’t overload your caravan. Remember that every caravan has a weight limit, which will depend on the caravan model as well as the type of car towing it, so be careful not to overload your caravan by packing too much stuff or too many heavy items.

  • Wider caravans will have more storage space, so if this is important to you, consider a 8ft-wide model. Bailey’s 8ft models are the Alicanto Grande and the Pegasus Grande and Swift’s are the Sprite Super, Challenger X and Elegance Grande.

  • Fit extra shelves where needed, especially inside cupboards. We often only use the bottom portion of cupboards as we don’t want to pile things up, so installing additional shelves will provide more usable surface space to store things.

  • Collapsible homeware is a great idea - things such as washing up bowls, buckets, serving bowls, colanders and storage tubs all come in collapsible versions which will save loads of space when not in use and packed away. Also think about compact versions of the full sized items you would use at home, such as travel kettles, smaller toasters and a compact BBQ for example. (The CADAC Grillo Chef 2 is ideal for this.)

  • Use drawer dividers to section up the inside of your drawers - not only will this enable you to fit in more things, but the contents will also be more organised and easier to locate too!

  • Stackable storage tubs are a great idea as they can be stored on top of each other rather than taking up additional surface space inside cupboards.

  • Some caravans come with fitted bike racks (model specific) which will give the keen cyclists amongst you an easy way of transporting your bikes on your trips away.


Pop in and chat through your storage options with our friendly team or browse our on-site accessory shop for some storage inspiration! We have a wide range of collapsible and compact items which are sure to make caravanning life that little bit easier!

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