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Get your caravan ready for winter

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It’s that time again - the days are getting shorter, the mornings crisper and the evenings darker - it’s coming into British wintertime! Whether you’re year-round caravanners or prefer to stick to the warmer months only, there are lots of things you can - and should - do to prepare your caravan for winter.

Giving your caravan a bit of pre-winter TLC is the best thing you can do to ensure it stays in tip top condition for longer. Our winters can be cold and very wet and this can have a detrimental effect on your van, especially if it’s sitting unused for months at a time. Check out our top 10 tips for keeping your home on wheels protected throughout the colder months...

Winter Caravan

1. Cover up

One of the best things you can do to protect your caravan over the winter is to purchase a cover for it. Take care when choosing the cover as it needs to be the right one in order for it to be effective. It should fit your caravan well and be made from water-resistant, breathable material. If it isn't, condensation and mould could grow beneath it.

There are many different covers to choose from so be sure to do your research before purchasing. Choose from full caravan covers, top covers, hitch covers, towing covers and wheel covers. Top manufacturers include Specialised Covers, Maypole, Pro-Tec and Explorer.  

To measure for a full cover, simply measure the body length outside, from the rearmost point to the front of the caravan, but not including the A frame. If going for a standard cover, you can then opt for the size closest to your caravan’s length. If going for a bespoke one, you can pass on the exact measurements, or some suppliers can automatically match you with the right cover based on the make and model of your van.

We stock Maypole covers in our shop and can order covers from Specialised Covers on your behalf if you’d like our assistance in ordering. Please call us on 01962 714 844 to discuss your options or place an order. 

Please note that lead times may be longer this year due to the effects of the pandemic, so please get your order in soon to avoid disappointment. Check out our blog on caravan covers for further information too.

2. Good position

Think about the best place to park your caravan for the winter months. Ensure it is in a safe location and not under trees that may drop sap or in stormy weather, branches on top! If storing your caravan away from your property, make sure you choose a secure location - choosing a member of the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) would be a good bet.

3. Winterise your utility systems

  • Remove gas cylinders and store them somewhere cool and ventilated. 
  • Drain your caravan’s water heater – read the instructions for how to do this for your particular model’s system. 
  • Open all the taps in the caravan, including the shower control. If you have a lever tap, ensure it’s mid-way between the hot and cold positions. Open the caravan’s drain taps and put plugs in the kitchen sink, washroom basin and shower tray.
  • Remove water filters to prevent any water held in them freezing and potentially damaging the unit.

4. Security

Make sure your caravan is secure during the winter period when you may not be keeping such a close eye on it. Remove all valuables and electricals from it and ensure all the windows and doors are closed and locked. You could even consider a security system to deter potential thieves.

5. Wheels

Ensure your caravan is positioned on level ground and rest the lowered corner steadies on blocks or pads. Use wheel chocks and take the handbrake off if the caravan will be unused for a long period. Be sure to turn the wheels regularly to avoid flat spots on the tyres. Check out our range of levelling accessories

6. Battery

Remove the battery and store in a cool, dry place. Check it regularly and top up the charge levels when necessary.

7. Ventilation

Make sure your vents are uncovered so air can circulate inside the caravan and condensation can be avoided.

8. Awning care

Give your awning a bit of TLC before packing it away for the winter. Spread it out in a dry area and give it a good clean, removing any spots or stains with a specialist product. Check it over for damage and repair if necessary using RV glue or patching materials. You could also utilise a product from our Fabsil range (call us to place an order) to reinforce its waterproof properties. Store your awning somewhere dry for the winter.

9. Soft furnishings

Remove all the soft furnishings from your caravan. Take down any curtains, remove bedding, towels and mats and give them all a wash. Store these in your house over the winter, along with the lounge cushions if you have space as this will not only protect them from the elements, but also theft as well.

10. Clean up!

Give the exterior and interior a thorough clean. We stock a range of cleaning products that are ideal for the caravan exterior and you can even apply wax to give it a little extra protection against the elements. Inside, hoover throughout and give all surfaces a wipe over. Clear out and clean the fridge leaving it ajar, empty and flush through your toilet waste tank and We stock a range of specialist cleaning products - have a browse online or pop into our shop to stock up on your cleaning supplies!

Browse our online shop or pop in and grab any accessories you may need to winterise your caravan. We’re here and happy to help if you have any questions or need a bit of advice so just give us a call or drop in!

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