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If you use your caravan or motorhome throughout the winter or are giving it a try for the first time this year, it’s a good idea to have some activities planned to ensure you don’t spend your entire break tucked away inside your caravan, unsure of where to venture in the colder climes!

There’s plenty you can do to keep active and entertained wherever you choose to stay - not that chilling out inside your caravan isn’t a very viable option too of course! But having some activities or days out planned will help give your holiday some shape and make you feel like you’ve done something and seen a bit of the area.

winter caravanning activities

Don’t let the British winter weather put you off - a little rain didn’t hurt anyone and you never know it may even surprise you and be dry and mild! You can plan a number of activities and play it by ear as to what you do on which day once you see what the weather’s doing - or just brave it regardless!

Choose your destination

First you need to decide where you’ll visit for your winter break. It could be somewhere you’ve been before or somewhere you’ve never even heard of! Most of us have a list of places that we want to go, so perhaps draw upon yours to choose a spot. It could be somewhere with interesting places to visit or somewhere with lots of nice eateries to try. You could travel inland if you’re from the coast, or vice versa. Somewhere rural with amazing scenery and good places for walks? Or perhaps you fancy heading north in search of some snow! Check out some of our county destination blogs for inspiration!

Research the local area

Wherever you end up choosing, make sure you research the area before you set off. Having a rough idea of what there is to do and a list of which activities you’d like to try would be a good start. Make sure you check opening times and availability as some places may have winter hours. To secure a campsite with all the amenities you’d like, search for one in your chosen area on a site such as or

Get active! 

Even though it’s winter, there are still plenty of opportunities to get active! In fact, some people might say it’s a better time to do it when there’s no chance the heat will slow you down! As long as you dress correctly for the weather conditions there’s no reason why not.

There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your fitness levels and the local amenities. Most locations provide plenty of options for lovely walks as well as more challenging hikes for those looking for more of a workout. Google what’s available in the area. Many caravan sites allow dogs, so this combined with some great walks would make the ideal getaway for your four-legged friend too and save you having to find a dog-sitter. 

Cycling is a popular choice, even in the winter months. Wrap up warm - good gloves are essential - and get out there on two wheels, it’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the local surroundings. You can opt to take your bikes with you if you are able or you should be able to find somewhere to hire them locally if not - look into bike hire options in your area of choice before your holiday so you’re well-prepared.

For golf lovers, pack your clubs and book a tee-time at one of the local courses. It’s great to experience different courses and if you're holidaying with someone who doesn’t usually golf, you can teach them a thing or two! Lunch in the club house afterwards is a nice incentive too! For families, look for crazy golf courses in the area - they’re great fun for all ages and often situated in park surroundings so the little ones can burn off some steam before the serious games begin!

If the weather is truly awful, look for indoor swimming pools and ice rinks in the area - both are great fun and especially suited to those with kids.

At one with nature

One of the best things about embarking on a caravanning trip is being able to get out there and enjoy a bit of nature in the great outdoors! Explore local canals, rivers, beaches, moors and forests; they will provide a sense of freedom like nothing else! Wildlife will be in abundance in these places and it’s thrilling to spot an animal or bird you’ve never seen before or one that’s particularly rare. 

Grab your camera!

This may well be ‘grab your smartphone’, but however you like to take photos, why not capture the beauty of the winter landscape with a photography expedition? If you like the great outdoors, you’re likely to come across plenty of stunning frost-covered landscapes on your trip, from misty mornings to wildlife encounters, so get snapping and create some great memories of your trip.

Seasonal events and festivities

Research local winter festivals or holiday events in the area. These types of events will be a great chance to immerse yourself in local life, taste seasonal treats, enjoy live music and experience the unique cultural celebrations of the region.

Local city tours

If you’re staying within commuting distance of a city, why not see if they offer city bus tours? They’re a great way to spend a day - even a rainy one as you’ll be able to shelter inside the bus a lot of the day, dodging any showers! You’ll get to see all the city sights up close and have the freedom to hop on and off as you fancy! Lunch anyone?

Local culture and history

The possibilities are endless! Most areas will have a wide range of cultural and historical sites to visit - some that you’ll be familiar with and others that you’ll never have heard of! All are sure to provide an entertaining few hours out and will enable you to learn more about the local area. Look into castles, National Trust sites, architectural places of interest, cathedrals, museums and art galleries - you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Sample the local eateries 

If you’re a foodie and keen to eat out, take the time to research the local eateries in the area. Search for places online and read forums and reviews to see what others recommend. From afternoon teas in countryside locations or bustling cafes, to lazy lunches and a drink in the village pub, it’s all enjoyable and a great way to experience the local way of life - and do a bit of people-watching too!


If you like to shop, check out the local shopping scene - there may be a designer outlet or shopping complex nearby that offers a completely different shopping experience to what’s local to you at home! Whether there are things you need, or you just like to browse, it should make a fun day out and a great place to while away the hours on rainy or cold days. Some complexes also house cinemas as well as a range of restaurants so you really could make a day of it!

Top tips to successful winter activities

  • Ensure you take a range of appropriate clothing and footwear options - consider everything from umbrellas, warm coats, waterproofs, wellies and walking boots to trainers, hats, scarves, gloves and clothing you can layer.

  • Be flexible - if the weather’s not right for the activity you had planned, switch it around to do something else more appropriate - it’s sure to be more enjoyable!

  • Give everyone in your party a say in what you do - that way each family member will be happy and you’ll get a range of suggestions which will give you variety!

  • If you want a chill day in your vehicle, do it! With the fantastic heating systems, great kitchen facilities and gadgets that modern caravans offer, staying in will be a treat!

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