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If you’re researching your motorhome options at the moment, be sure to consider storage before making your final decision. As space is limited inside motorhomes, how the storage works for you will become very prominent once you’re on the road!

Different manufacturers and models mean variations on the amount and type of storage on offer, so investigate fully before committing to buy. There would be nothing worse than purchasing your new motorhome only to find there isn’t room for all your belongings, or even that the storage positioning doesn’t work for you.


At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes, we are official dealers of new Bailey Motorhomes as well as a range of pre-owned motorhomes from a number of other manufacturers. Bailey offers two motorhome ranges - the Autograph and the Adamo. 

The high-end Autograph range combines performance with luxury and boasts eight models, accommodating 2-6 people. The range varies in van size from 6.965m in length for the most compact model (69-2) 7.368m for the 74-2 and 74-4 models, 7.931m for the four 79 models and 8.120m for the range’s only 6-berth model, the 81-6.

The entry-level Adamo range joins smart design with seamless practicality to provide three models, all of which are four-berth. The 69-4 measures 6.987m in size while the 75-4I and 75-4DL are a little larger at 7.485m in length.

The storage space on each of the models is quite different so be sure to check out the individual models in detail to see for yourself. Why not give us a call on 01962 714844 to see what models we have in stock and pop along to our showroom for a closer look?


Most motorhomes have a range of storage throughout the vehicle; the designers are very good at making use of every bit of spare space! From tables, sideboards and shelves to cupboards, wardrobes and overhead lockers, the storage options are very versatile and you can store whatever you wish in the different spaces. You can also utilise a range of storage accessories and organisers to maximise the number of items each space can hold.


The sleeping quarters usually have a few different storage areas including generous space underneath the beds, which can usually be accessed by lifting the top of the bed up or via drawers, overhead lockers above and around the bed and perhaps some small shelves in the corner, joining adjacent lockers.


Bailey washrooms are traditionally more spacious than some other manufacturers. Potential storage comes in the form of under sink cupboards/vanity units, wall units and shelves. You could also go for extra shelving to store all your toiletries in an easily accessible place - shower baskets and tension shower caddies are really useful and won’t take up much space.


Every motorhome kitchen will have a few cupboards and drawers in which to store your kitchenware, but remember you don’t have to limit these cupboards to kitchen items. Consider going for compact versions of things rather than full-sized ones and collapsible homeware is a great space-saving idea too. Keep your kitchen items to a minimum to avoid cluttering up the place - perhaps one item could be used in a makeshift way to do the job of two items?


Most motorhomes will have a selection of drawers, cupboards and lockers in the lounge area. These are usually in the form of underseat storage or overhead lockers. Sometimes there is a cupboard/wardrobe in the space between the driving seats and the lounge or the lounge and kitchen which can be quite sizable too. Some models also have high level storage pockets which are ideal for small items such as magazines, books and bits n bobs.


Most motorhomes have ‘garage’ storage - a large area at the rear that is easily accessed externally. These vary from model to model, but some are 6-8 times bigger than the average car boot in terms of capacity. This area is ideal for storing all your larger items such as outdoor chairs and tables, body boards, BBQs, wellie boots and kids’ toys.


If you want more space to spread out once you arrive on site, an awning would be the ideal solution. Some awnings can even double your footprint! Once erected, as well as giving you extra living or dining space, you can also utilise folding storage options to give you additional places to put things, which is particularly useful for items such as coats, shoes and boots.

We have a wide range of motorhome awnings of all makes and sizes in stock or available to order, so check out our ranges online or pop into the showroom for a closer look. We stock brands such as Isabella, Dometic, Ventura, Dorema and Vango so we’re sure to have something to suit. We also sell pre-owned awnings in a range of makes so we should be able to help whatever your budget.

Give us a call and ask about our selection of drive-away awnings - these will make leaving the site a lot easier as they can be quickly detached and will remain up and stable until you return.


  • Bigger motorhomes are likely to have more storage space, so if this is important to you, steer clear of the more compact models.
  • Fit extra shelves where needed, especially inside cupboards. We often only use the bottom portion of cupboards as we don’t want to pile things up, so installing additional shelves will provide more usable surface space to store things.
  • Compact kitchen items (travel kettle / 2-slice toaster) and collapsible homeware is a good idea - things such as washing up bowls, buckets, serving bowls, colanders and storage tubs all come in collapsible versions which will take up much less cupboard space
  • Stackable storage tubs are useful and practical as they can be stored on top of each other rather than taking up additional surface space inside cupboards.
  • Use drawer dividers to section up the inside of your drawers - not only will this enable you to fit in more things, but the contents will be easier to find too!
  • Some motorhomes come with fitted bike racks (model specific) which will give the keen cyclists amongst you an easy way of transporting your bikes on your trips away.

Check out our Bailey motorhomes online or pop in and chat through your motorhome storage options with our friendly sales team. Our online and on-site accessory shops stock a wide range of collapsible and compact items which are sure to make your motorhome trips that little bit easier!

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