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Being aware of how our actions and activities affect the environment has never been more important; we know that we must halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by no later than 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Opting for a caravanning break in England rather than going abroad is the first step to doing your bit. Aviation CO2 emissions are estimated to be 1/4 tonne per hour of flying, so reducing the amount of air or ferry travel will undoubtedly contribute to the lowering of carbon dioxide emissions and other pollution, all of which will have a positive effect on the planet.

Green caravanning

There are also a range of other things that you can do throughout your caravanning trips to ensure your holiday impacts the environment as little as possible. Many of these may be things that you already do at home, so just retain that awareness and take every available opportunity to go green!

10 tips for greener caravanning

1. Travel lightly

Don’t overpack - lighter caravans will result in less fuel consumption, which is great for the environment as well as your pocket, especially with today’s fuel prices! Only take what you expect to use and you could even wait to get the shopping in when you arrive to save you towing along the extra weight of a well-stocked fridge and cupboards!

2. Solar panels

Instead of hooking up to the mains, why not utilise your solar panel? All new Bailey and Swift caravans have a 80-100 watt solar panel mounted to their roof, so why not let your solar panels charge your leisure battery during the day while you're out and about, then you can use it as much as you need to in the evening. If you can generate your own power to keep you going throughout your trip, that’ll be fantastic as you'll be completely self-sufficient energy-wise.

3. Energy-efficient lighting 

Many of the newer caravans now come fitted with low energy lighting, so if you’re in the market to buy, try to choose a model that offers this. If yours doesn’t, why not explore how you could go about fitting low-energy bulbs or lights into your caravan. Remember to turn lights off when they’re not needed too.

4. Use energy wisely

Be careful with your energy usage whilst you’re caravanning, just as you would at home! Don’t leave things on if they’re not needed or you’ve finished with them - remember to turn the oven off after cooking, don’t repeatedly reboil the kettle and avoid extra long showers! By doing all these small things, the little bit of energy that you save each time will really add up and make a difference!

5. Recycle

Make sure you recycle all you can throughout your caravanning trip - materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal tins and cans, empty aerosols and glass can usually all be recycled on-site. Look for the dedicated bins when you arrive at the site and make sure you always separate your recyclables from your general waste. If you’re out and about for the day, make sure you still use recycling bins for your recyclable waste - and if you can’t find one, consider taking it back with you to ensure it ends up in the correct place.

6. Consider packaging

When doing your food shopping, be mindful of what packaging the various products come in; some come much better packaged than others so be sure to choose ones with minimal packaging or those that use recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper rather than plastic. Farmers markets and small local shops are often good options for eco-friendly packaging so check out what’s available in the local villages - and remember that you’ll be supporting local businesses too.

7. Avoid foil and cling film

Use tupperware to store leftover food rather than wrapping it in foil or cling film, which will end up in landfill. If you’re making sandwiches for a day out and don’t want to cart around tupperware boxes, use food wrapping paper as this can be easily recycled after use.

8. Reuse 

Always go for reusable items rather than disposable. One-use items are tough on the environment so using mugs for life for your take-out coffee and reusable water bottles that you can refill as needed are great ways to help. Avoid using disposable cutlery and paper plates - even if you’re having a picnic or BBQ - as they’re very wasteful. Invest in a picnic set or a durable melamine set instead that can be used time and time again. 

Avoid disposable BBQs too - although they may provide a quick solution when you fancy a bit of alfresco dining, they are one-use and not recyclable so they’re not great! Why not explore the range of compact BBQs that are ideal for caravanners? We stock a variety of CADAC BBQs and accessories so check out our online shop or pop into our showroom for a closer look. Our friendly and knowledgeable shop team will be ready and waiting to help you find your perfect barbecuing match!

9. Eco-friendly products

Use eco-friendly caravan cleaning products if you can, we stock Thetford eco-friendly toilet chemical so that’s a great place to start! And due in stock soon - we have the Vango Osiris Chair, a comfortable lounging chair made entirely from recycled single-use plastic! This comes from Vango's new Earth Collection and features recycled EcoStem fabric which is resilient whilst being soft to touch, an insulated cup holder and a compact folding design to ensure simple storage and transportation.

10. Eco-friendly sites

If you’re serious about doing all you can to help the environment, you could choose to holiday at an eco-friendly caravan site. These sites do all they can to minimise their impact on the environment by encouraging and nurturing wildlife, maintaining eco-friendly facilities, reducing energy usage and water consumption, and recycling as many materials as possible. Check out The Greener Camping Club and Campsites.co.uk to find out more and to find/book a suitable site.

Browse our range of new caravans online or pop in and see us! Don’t forget our fantastic accessory shop, which can be accessed online, or on-site for the complete ranges! We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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