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Caravanning is a great holiday choice for dog owners as many sites allow dogs, and more than that, cater for them, which makes getting away with your furry friend easier than you might think!

So often when planning holidays abroad and weekends away, it’s not an option to take your pooch with you, so you have the hassle of trying to find a dog sitter, kennels or even someone to come to your house to dog-sit to ensure your dog is happy and well-cared for while you’re away.

Dog caravanning

So opting for a leisure vehicle and being able to take your pet along with you is surely a huge advantage! It will alleviate all the stress of finding someone to look after them and it means you can enjoy your holiday with your dog and do things together that you may not always have the time to do at home such as exploring new places and extra long walks - and maybe even a little dip (your dog at least!) if you visit the coast or somewhere near water.

Choose your destination

If you’re holidaying with your pet, you’ll need to consider their needs when it comes to choosing your destination. A more rural location would be nice so there’s more choice when it comes to seeking out long walks or walks in different terrains. Exploring local moorland, woodland or coastal areas is really stimulating for dogs, especially if they don’t live in an area where they usually experience those types of walks. It’ll also keep it interesting for you as doing the same old walk each day can get pretty dull! You’ll get to investigate the local area and experience all it has to offer.

Think about whether you’d like to go semi-rural or whether you’d like something really out in the sticks. It’s always worth researching what amenities are available close by and how far you’ll have to travel for things such as shops, pubs, restaurants and takeaways etc, so you know what to expect when you arrive. Some counties in England are extremely rural and this can come as a shock to people from big towns and cities who are used to having everything on their doorstep! The peace and quiet that you’ll get in return will be well worth it though if you’re looking for that ‘get away from it all’ break.

Another thing to consider is how far you’d ideally like to travel with your pooch in the car. You know how well they travel, but it may be best to start with a shorter trip the first time you go. You could search within a two-hour travel area to see how it goes. Stop halfway to allow your dog to stretch their legs and to break up the journey. It will give you a benchmark for trips going forward!

Site facilities for dogs

Many sites allow dogs, but be sure to check this before you book and you may have to include your dog in your booking information. Some will insist on dogs being kept on leads at all times, although some will not as long as you keep your dog within your caravan area - check this out prior to booking if this is important to you

Having places nearby to walk your dog is important, so check which sites offer dedicated dog walking fields, which have immediate access to rural walks from the site and which have walks nearby that can be easily accessed.

Some sites will also have extra facilities such as water bowls dotted around the site and even dog wash facilities. Having a dedicated dog wash area could make your life a lot easier if you plan to walk your dog in all weathers, which can get muddy! Being able to shower them off prior to them re-entering your caravan would be a huge plus!


Once you’ve chosen your campsite, spend some time looking into the best local walking spots. Google it and see if there are any forums or blogs detailing great places to walk your pooch as these could give you a great insight into the best spots to head for. If you’re going to a coastal location check which beaches allow dogs and which don’t to save you time and to avoid any disappointment. If your dog is energetic, make sure they’re allowed off the lead on the walks you choose so they can really let off some steam!


Make sure you take all you need with you to ensure a smooth trip with your pet! 

  • It’s a good idea to attach a temporary tag to your dog’s collar with your site address and pitch number on, so that if your dog does slip away from you when on a walk, whoever finds your dog will know where to return them to.
  • Towels - to dry off your pooch after walks / dog wash to keep your caravan interior in tip top shape.
  • Extra long lead - if you opt for a site that states your dog must be kept on a lead, bring a long lead so they can roam around a little without feeling too restricted.
  • If your dog moults a lot, consider bringing along your handheld vacuum to keep hairs at bay!
  • Don’t forget their bed! This will ensure your pooch feels at home and has a safe place to retreat to whilst in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Keep your pet comfy, especially if they’ll be sleeping in the awning - bring a blanket and a coat if it's likely to be chilly while you’re away.
  • Keep them at the right temperature, whatever the season - consider investing in a heat pad to keep them cosy in the cooler months or a cooling pad for the summer months.
  • Bring plenty of treats and toys along to keep them entertained while you’re relaxing in the evenings.

Top tips to keeping your dog happy on holiday

  • If you’re caravanning in hot weather, make sure you keep your caravan well ventilated and that your pet has access to plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t leave your dog locked up in your caravan when you go out; they might get distressed or cause damage in your absence.
  • Plan days out that your dog can be included in - these will mostly be outdoorsy trips which are always good for the body and soul!
  • If you’re hoping for a few meals out during your trip, identify some pubs in advance that allow dogs (many do) as this will save time and allow you to plan ahead.
  • If there’s a day trip that you really want to do whilst away that dogs cannot attend, find out if they offer kennels on site or look into some local doggie day care facilities prior to your holiday, checking prices and availability.

Check out our accessory shop for anything you may need for your upcoming trip. If you’re looking for a larger caravan or motorhome to accommodate a new pet, please browse our range online or pop into our showroom for a closer look and a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.

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