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These days, having access to the internet is one of life’s must-haves and this extends to when you’re away in your caravan or motorhome. You’ll undoubtedly want to use WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family back home, or enjoy the odd film courtesy of Netflix.

We all use the internet without even thinking about it and although getting away from it all in your leisure vehicle will probably involve spending more time outdoors and reading a book or two, there’s always a need for an internet connection as well - especially for that TV series that you just can’t live without for a week!

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There are a few options to explore and consider when it comes to accessing the internet whilst away. Check out what avenues are available to you and which may suit you best…

On-site WiFi

When booking a site, check if there is WiFi available, and if so, ask if there is an additional cost for this and what speeds you can expect. You will probably be given a username and password to use when you arrive on-site, which may mean that only one device in your leisure vehicle can utilise this. One way to get around this would be to log into the account with your mobile phone and then use your phone as a hotspot for other devices to log into. 

The quality of the on-site WiFi may be affected by how many other people are using it and what they are using it for, so keep this in mind if your service slows down during use. You could consider investing in an outdoor antenna for your trips, which should increase your WiFi connection. 

The Caravan and Motorhome Club have 149 sites throughout the country that offer on-site WiFi and they rate their WiFi service from Bronze to Gold so you’ll know what to expect. Explore the Caravan and Motorhome Club sites with WiFi today…

Mobile phone or MiFi hotspot

If you have a network with good coverage, a good data package and you are permitted to tether on your plan, using your mobile phone as a ‘hotspot’ for other devices is a viable option. If you’re streaming from a site such as Netflix, keep in mind that an hour’s viewing will use around 1-2GB of data. This isn’t a problem if you have unlimited data, but if you don’t, try to keep an eye on your usage.

If your phone contract doesn’t provide enough data or doesn’t support tethering, purchasing a MiFi could be the answer. You’ll need to research the different MiFi devices available as well as the various data plans on offer to find the right one for you. Consider aspects such as battery life and the number of devices you can connect to the MiFi device at one time. Many MiFi devices are offered with a 24-month contract, but if you don’t want to  tied in or won’t use the device all-year-round, you should consider a pay-as-you-go or 1-month rolling contract instead.

Mobile WiFi units

At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes, we supply and fit the Avtex AMR985 and the Motorhome WiFi mobile routers, which will provide great internet connection for all your devices in and around your leisure vehicle. By having one of these units fitted, you will be able to rest assured that you’ll always have access to the internet wherever you choose to pitch up.

Avtex AMR985 

The new Avtex AMR985 router and 5G compatible antenna package will allow you to stream, browse and share as you please. The antenna utilises the latest technology to fully support 3G, 4G and 5G, whilst the AMR985 router supports two unlocked SIM cards to maximise coverage and minimise roaming costs. 

You can connect up to 100 devices with download speeds of 150Mbps as well as four ethernet ports for wired connection. This package includes a simple on-screen display to enable users to easily toggle between LTE and WiFi when available. You’ll also have remote access management support available to you seven days a week to assist with any problems including setup requirements.

Motorhome WiFi

Motorhome WiFi can provide the latest built-in WiFi packages, giving you the ability to stream, surf and share in even the most rural locations. These packages give you the chance to choose the elements that are right for you. First you’ll choose between a 4G and 5G antenna, then you’ll need to select your router - the choice available will depend on whether you’ve decided to go for 4G or 5G. If you need to utilise the WiFi for business use or are likely to have more than 1-2 people / devices wishing to use it, the 5G option will probably be more suitable.

We are approved product installers for both of the above systems, so if you’re interested in exploring one of these options, please get in touch. If you’d like to purchase, we can place the order and schedule the fitting on a date to suit you. Feel free to give us a call on 01962 714 844 or drop into the showroom for a chat.

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