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So you’re looking forward to your upcoming caravanning trip; you’ve booked the site, planned your route and made a list of things to pack - but have you taken time to consider what you might do while you’re there?

Whilst relaxing in and outside your caravan should definitely be high on your agenda to bag yourself some downtime, you should also give some thought to what else you’d like to do whilst you’re away, especially if you’re going for more than a few days.

Caravan holiday

The possibilities are endless! Although the British weather can never be relied upon, our rich culture and range of pastimes more than make up for it. Wherever you’re going and whatever interests you, there’s sure to be plenty to do to keep you occupied.

5 top tips to activity planning

  1. Research the place you’re visiting. Believe it or not, many people choose a place to visit without knowing anything about it! Google the area and any nearby cities, towns and villages to find out what it has to offer, what is nearby and what the top attractions are. The VisitBritain website is a great place to find out more about destinations and Trip Advisor also provides great lists of the top attractions in any given city.

  2. Make a list of the best places you find and discuss with your family or party so you can decide which activities to do and when. Remember to check opening times, whether you have to pre-book online and of course, the weather so you can choose the best days for any outdoor excursions.

  3. Try to mix it up so you’re not doing the same type of thing every day - this will also keep everyone happy if different members of the family have different preferences - make sure everyone has something they’re excited to take part in!

  4. Get organised for trips the night before so you can get up and go in the morning! Remember jackets, umbrellas, drinks and snacks (or picnic lunch and blanket!) and suitable footwear.

  5. Make sure you know where you’re going! There’s nothing worse than wasting time trying to figure out the way - if you don’t have a sat nav, use Google Maps to find your way and have a look the day before so you are travelling with confidence when you set off. Looking into where you’ll be able to park is a good idea too and will reduce stress levels.

Explore the great outdoors!

We’re lucky that much of the UK is still rural - farmland and natural land accounts for over 91% of our space would you believe! Our country is beautiful with many National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty throughout the nation. We have woods, forests, rivers, coastlines, moors, mountains - and they all offer so much for us to enjoy! 

Look into what rural areas you could explore near your destination. There’s sure to be plenty to choose from and visiting such places provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy some exercise, fresh air and hopefully some quality time with your loved ones too. Take notice of what's around you - nature is a wonderful thing - and if you’re travelling with kids it could be the ideal time to encourage them to take an interest in the outdoors. 

Get sporty

Why not take the opportunity to get involved in some active adventures whilst you’re away? From gentle strolls to longer hikes, bike rides to segways, paddleboarding to kayaking - find out what’s available locally and get active!

Local history

England is rich in history and every city has something to offer. Find out what the area is known for historically before you go and see if there are any places of interest linked to that. This could be museums, monuments, castles, buildings and architecture or even a road! What famous historical figures were born or lived in the area? What parts of the past are still clear to see? By scratching the surface, you’re sure to find out more than you think about the history of a place and it could just pique your interest and provide a few good days out!


If a place has famous landmarks, people often flock to see them to tick a box, but it’s also a great way to spend a few hours and learn a bit more about the history and culture of that place. Landmarks can be natural or manmade and often tell a story about days gone past. Some landmarks, like Big Ben in London and the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol are iconic and others such as Stonehenge and Cheddar Gorge are fascinating and steeped in history. Places are often recognised by their landmarks alone. Be sure to check out what ones are located in your chosen area and go and take a look…

Immerse yourself in culture

You could get involved in the local culture of the area you’re visiting if that interests you. Experiencing local life could be fascinating, especially if it’s very different to your own. If there are any festivals or events during your time there, why not go along and take part? You could also visit museums, galleries and theatres during your stay so check the local listings for what’s on.

Fun family days out

If you’re caravanning with kids, having a few fun days out planned will go down a treat! Look into what’s available in the local area - from theme parks and adventure playgrounds, to zoos, farms and soft play, there’s usually a variety to choose from in any given area. Try to focus on excursions that aren’t available in your hometown to make the most of being away and be sure to consult your kids to make sure everyone gets a say in what you do.

Enjoy the coast

Britain’s coastlines are stunning - from rocky cliffs and pebbly beaches, to sandy shores and quiet coves, we really do have it all. If you’re visiting the coast, look into what’s nearby and be sure to get out and enjoy that salty sea air. If you live inland, a trip to the beach is almost a must! You can enjoy long walks, picnics and maybe even an ice cream! There are many activities you can get involved in too - from crabbing and searching in rock pools, to paddling, swimming or even having a go at kayaking or paddleboarding.


One of the best things about being away from home is not being tied to your kitchen! It’s the perfect time to enjoy a few meals out, so be sure to explore all the options. Keep an eye out for places that look good when you’re out and about and ask friends who have visited the area before for recommendations. Online searches may provide some good options too - when people enjoy a meal out they like to tell people about it! For families, pubs with gardens will provide an informal dining experience, some space for the kids to let off steam and hopefully tasty food as well - what more could you ask for?

Shop til you drop!

If you’re a keen shopper, why not look into what’s located in the area? It’s exciting to explore a new shopping area or complex - whether you prefer indoor centres where it’s all in one place or little streets lined with boutique shops, there’s sure to be something different for you to discover.

Why not pop into our accessory shop to make sure you’ve got all you need for your upcoming trip? Chat to our friendly staff to gather ideas for caravanning activities - they might think of something you haven’t!

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