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Keeping your caravan clean

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Cleaning your caravan will really help keep it in tip top condition and maintain its value, so be sure to set aside some time to make this happen!

It’s a good idea to clean your caravan regularly - monthly, before each trip and after each trip too. That way, you’ll know you’re caring for it in every way you can. Plus, whatever time of the year, if the opportunity for an impromptu trip crops up, your van will be ready to go!

Caravan clean

Remember to keep both the inside and outside clean - both are important - so as well as a good wash and wax for the outside, be sure to give the inside a hoover, a dust and a wipe over. If you allow dirt to build up, it’ll become harder to clean and will lose its ‘new’ look. Strive to keep that as long as possible, for both your own enjoyment and for resale value.

Wash it

How often to wash your caravan is up to you and simply a matter of judgement - if it looks like it needs a wash, give it a wash! As a guide, it’s a good idea to wash it at the end of the season if you’re not planning to use it for the winter months, then again when you bring it back out for use in the spring. 

Outside of that, just give it a wash when you think it needs it - if you’ve been on a trip when the weather was wet and the conditions muddy, your van will probably have picked up more grime than usual whilst on the move!

We stock a range of specially-designed caravan cleaning items to make this task simple! From wash mitts and brushes, to wash solutions from manufacturers such as Fenwicks and Care-avan, we have all you need to keep your van as clean as a whilstle!

Wax it

Treat your caravan to a coat of wax a couple of times a year to protect it from grime, debris and the great British weather! Do this before you put it into storage for the winter - or just before winter sets in if you’re an all-season caravanner - and again when spring arrives. Care-avan’s easy on easy off polish will ensure the job is taken care of in record time!

Cover it

If you’re storing your caravan outdoors during the winter or it’s sitting still for longer periods in between trips, consider investing in a caravan cover to protect the exterior from the elements and any sap or debris that may fall onto it. Check out our blog on caravan covers to make choosing the right cover for you and your van easy peasy.

Vacuum, brush, mop

The first thing to do when cleaning the interior of your caravan is to clear it out if it’s gotten a little cluttered - remove anything that isn’t really needed, tidy things away into cupboards and take anything that’s in the way outside while you clean. Then, get busy with the vacuum - give the entire space a once-over, then go over it all again with the smaller attachments and brushes, getting into all the corners. Cordless vacuums are great for this as they’re easy to manoeuvre in compact spaces.

Give all the hard floors a good mop, especially the kitchen and washroom. It’s a good idea to keep a dustpan and brush on board at all times to sweep up those crumbs and mess as soon as it appears… 

Dust and wipe

Doing a good dust and wipe of the whole interior will give the space a fresh look and smell! We stock a range of items that will help with this, from extending dusters and silicone wipes for rubber seals, to spray acrylic and glass cleaners. Pay extra attention to the windows - both inside and out - to keep your van looking good and your campsite views clear!

Sparkling kitchens

Clean your kitchen prior to every trip to ensure hygiene and a kitchen that’s pleasant to use! Empty the cupboards and fridge of any perishables after each trip and give them a good wipe inside and out. Clean inside the fridge to remove any drips or spills and do the same for the oven, which often gets overlooked! Give your taps, sink and hob a good clean and keep the anti bac spray handy for regular wipe downs. Be sure to protect your surfaces from sharp knives with a chopping board or two!  

Fresh washrooms

Clean your washroom regularly, especially when in high use during trips. Thetford’s bathroom and toilet bowl cleaners are safe for plastic surfaces and ideal for keeping your onboard washroom sparkling all year round!

Cushions and upholstery

Take care of your cushions and upholstery as these are an important part of keeping your caravan looking young and in good nick. Be careful not to spill on your sofas or seats, but if you do, clean them immediately to prevent stains or watermarks. Vacuum the cushions regularly to keep dust away and if you can store them inside your house during the winter or longer periods when the van is not being used, that would be a good idea to protect them from damp and mildew.

Onboard cleaning kit

Store a cleaning kit on board at all times so you can keep your van spic and span during trips away as well as in between. If you have space, this could include a handheld vacuum, dustpan and brush, sponges and cloths, bathroom and kitchen cleaners and a spray cleaner such as Fenwick’s black streak remover to remove any exterior grime that may collect whilst travelling.

Our accessory shop has loads to offer in the way of caravan cleaning products! Order online or pop into our on-site shop to pick up the supplies you need and chat to our knowledgeable staff to glean some useful cleaning tips for yourself!

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