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Meet Alan Pawley, Workshop Technician

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Meet Alan Pawley, Workshop Technician. Alan originally started working at Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes over 20 years ago and after six years away, he rejoined the team last autumn and was warmly welcomed back.

Outside of work he is a stage manager for a local youth theatre group, where he helps run the shows and install the stage equipment for two big performances per year.

Alan Pawley, Workshop Technician

What does your role involve?

I’m a senior workshop technician and I deal with a range of warranty work as well as other general repairs plus servicing if required. I work on both caravans and motorhomes and I enjoy the variety of the two. It can be quite different working on motorhomes as opposed to caravans, as you have the mechanical side as well.

In the six years that I was away from Winchester Caravans, I was working for a motorhome dealership so I have a great deal of experience in that area as well as in caravans from my previous 14 years here. It’s nice to have a variety of vehicles to work on, it’s one of the things that attracted me back to the role here. 


What is your career background?

I started my career as a chef would you believe! I studied that at college and did the job for a year before deciding that I might be more suited to a workshop than a kitchen! From there I set up my own workshop, repairing cars and specialising in Landrovers, but I didn’t enjoy running  my own business so when I saw the workshop technician job at Winchester Caravans, I was very interested. When I rejoined the team last year, it really was like coming home, like slipping back into the family! Tom is a fantastic manager; I came back and simply continued doing what I do - my return was seamless, it was as though I’d never been away!


What do you like about caravanning?

That it enables you to get away whenever you feel like it - it makes trips away easy. You can just jump in the motorhome or hitch up your caravan and go! Disappear for a day or two at a moment’s notice, knowing that you’ve got everything you need with you. It’s ideal for enjoying some chill-out time. You can set off on a Friday afternoon and be anywhere in the country within a few hours to enjoy the weekend.


What do you find most rewarding about your role?

I enjoy all of it - the fault funding, seeing and chatting to the customers, the whole thing. I love getting the job done and done well and whatever my list of jobs is for the day, I pride myself on always getting it all done, in the required time frames.


What achievements are you particularly proud of?

I’ve got all my industry qualifications; Winchester Caravans trained me in caravan engineering when I first started and they support me through training updates as and when needed. I put in 100% and do a top job day in, day out, and I’m proud of that.


Do you have any aims or plans for the coming year?

I’ll be updating my 240v and 12v qualifications soon as they need to be redone every five years to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest industry standards.


Why is Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes a great place to work?

As I said previously, it’s like one big family - everyone is friendly, gets on well and pulls together to support each other when needed.


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