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Top 10 caravan security and safety accessories

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Keeping your caravan or motorhome safe and secure is extremely important to protect it from damage, theft and vandalism, and to keep you and your family safe.

When you look at all the products on the market for leisure vehicle security, it can be overwhelming! There are so many items to choose from that it’s hard to know which are really needed and which offer the best options.


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Check out our top 10 caravan security and safety accessories to discover which are imperative to keeping your vehicle safe and secure. With a leisure vehicle, it’s all about making it a difficult target to deter potential thieves. What’s more, having a good security system may well help lower your insurance premiums too!

Ensure you have the main elements locked and secure - the hitch, wheels and legs, as well as a security door lock. Consider a security alarm to alert those nearby to any attempted thefts, and a smoke alarm to alert you and your loved ones if the worst happens. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are also vital to keep on board in case of small fires, enabling you to snuff them out quickly.


  1. Hitch lock
    Hitch locks are great as they can be used both hitched and unhitched so they help prevent theft of your caravan whilst its unhitched - either on your driveway, in storage or on a campsite - and hitched, perhaps when you’ve stopped at the services whilst en route to your holiday destination. We stock the SAS Fortress Gold 2 Hitch Lock, which is one of the toughest heavy-duty locks on the market. It fits most Bailey and Swift caravan hitches as well as many others; you can check if it’ll fit your model here.

  2. Steering wheel lock
    A steering wheel lock will stop thieves from being able to drive your motorhome or campervan away, so it’s well worth the investment. The Milenco High-Security Commercial Steering Wheel Lock is 70cm, 15.5cm longer than the standard lock, making it ideal for motorhomes and campers. This extra length ensures the lock comes in contact with the windscreen of the motorhome/van, providing additional security.

  3. Wheel lock
    Wheel locks are great for securing caravans and motorhomes on-site and on your drive - or anytime that they’re not on the move. They prevent wheel rotation and removal so your caravan will not be able to be moved. We stock the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock, which is suitable for caravans with both alloy and steel wheels and is quick and easy to fit - it takes less than 10 seconds! The Nemesis Plus is the one designed for motorhome use.

  4. Locking wheel nuts
    These offer a more cost-efficient way of securing your vehicle’s wheels if you decide not to invest in a wheel lock. They are known as locking wheel nuts, but are technically wheel bolts. They are highly secure and cannot be broken by the normal method of hammering a socket on. Check out the Milenco Locking Wheel Nuts we have in stock…

  5. Wheel clamp
    Wheel clamps are another great way to secure your leisure vehicle quickly and easily when it’s not in use, whether it’s stationary on the camp site or awaiting the next trip at home or in storage. We stock two wheel clamps, the Milenco C14 Wheel Clamp and the Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp.

    The C14 has won every attack test for the past decade and is approved to the accredited Caravan Security Standard SCM MP03. The Compact wheel lock has a unique, innovative design with an integrated locking mechanism and winding handle that offers complete security. Check what size wheels each are suitable for on our product pages at the links above.

  6. Leg locks
    The SAS Heavy Duty Leg Locks are insurance-approved and come in a twin pack to enable you to lock two steadies in the down position when your caravan is stationary, providing extra peace of mind that your caravan definitely won’t be going anywhere. 

  7. Security door lock
    Door locks make it difficult for thieves to gain access into your caravan to steal your belongings inside. We stock the Milenco Door Frame Lock, which has a robust high-quality design that screws into the door frame. It offers good mechanical protection and countermeasures to prevent opening by bump keys.

  8. Security alarm
    Security alarms are a great way to not only deter thieves from trying to break into your leisure vehicle, but a good way to alert you, or those in the vicinity that an attempted theft might be taking place if someone does try to break in. Many vehicles now come with alarms as standard, so do check this, and remember to keep yours maintained and test it regularly to ensure it’s in good working order.

  9. Noseweight gauge
    The weight that your caravan exerts on your towbar must never be too high or too low and you can measure this with a noseweight gauge. In the past these instruments have been notoriously inaccurate, but the Milenco Noseweight Gauge now boasts great credentials and is the only model that is approved and calibrated to the British standard. It has a large, clear scale to enable precise loading for this safety-critical area, ensuring caravan stability when towing.

  10. Fire safety accessories
    Fire safety equipment is essential to ensure the personal safety of you and your family, as well as the protection of your highly valued leisure vehicle. A smoke alarm will alert you to a fire hazard within your caravan or motorhome and fire extinguishers and blankets could be used to put out small fires quickly, preventing them from causing significant damage. We sell a range of these items so pop into the shop or give us a call on 01962 714 844 to find out more.


Please get in touch or pop into our on-site accessory shop to browse our range of security and safety accessories and equipment. Our friendly team is very knowledgeable and will be more than happy to discuss the options with you!


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