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Getting a good night’s sleep in your caravan or motorhome is essential to an enjoyable, relaxing break. Modern vehicles are already extremely comfortable thanks to all the creature comforts that have been added to the specs over the years, but there’s a lot to be said for getting the right sleep accessories too!

As well as choosing the right bed type and mattress when you purchase your caravan or motorhome, there are many other things to consider too. Your surroundings - both in and outside the vehicle will have a huge impact on how you sleep, and getting the right bedding is vital!

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Mattresses will differ between manufacturers so if you’re open to all, it’s worth trying out a few before making your purchase. For example, Bailey mattresses are pocket sprung, whilst Swift favour reflex foam - both comfy so it’s simply down to preference.

At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes, we stock new Swift caravans and new Bailey caravans and motorhomes, as well as high-quality pre-owned caravans and motorhomes from a range of other manufacturers. So why not pop in to try a few mattresses for yourself to see what you like?

Bed type

Which bed type are you likely to feel more comfortable in? If you’re a couple that likes to share a bed, you have the choice of a French bed, rear island bed or a transverse island bed. 

A French bed is great for saving space, but it does mean that one person will have to sleep against the wall and the person on the other side will have less leg length as the end of a French bed slants off, meaning there is no corner to the foot of the bed. 

Rear island beds are positioned on the back wall of the caravan. These are great as they allow access from both sides, but they also take up a lot of space and prohibit an end washroom. 

Transverse island beds are positioned in the middle of the caravan across the width. They allow you to have the washroom at the back of the caravan and you can access the bed from both sides, but in a standard width caravan it may be a bit of a squeeze to the bathroom.

If you like the idea of single beds or you have kids, the options are twin beds or bunk beds. Twin beds provide versatile sleeping options, easy access for the users and comfortable lone sleeping. Bunk beds are great space savers and ideal for kids as they’re lots of fun!

External surroundings

Getting your surroundings right is very important. When pitching your caravan, make sure you choose a good spot. If the pitch is on a slope you will need to level your caravan to ensure everything is on an even keel inside. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep on a tilt!

Take notice of who you are pitching up next to - do they have children or dogs, or are they in a large group? These are all things that may cause noise which could keep you up at night or wake you early in the morning. Leave as much space as possible in between your pitch and your neighbours’ to limit noise pollution and increase privacy. 

Remember not to pitch too close to the facilities either - the sound of toilets flushing, air dryers whizzing and people washing up pots and pans aren’t conducive to sleep!

Internal surroundings

Make sure you have your vehicle’s temperature right. All caravans come with heaters, which run on thermostats so it’s easy to set the desired temperature in the evening to ensure a comfortable night. In warmer weather, keep the caravan well ventilated, wear lighter nightwear and use lighter bedding. You could even utilise a fan or two or invest in some air conditioning units if you’re caravanning for long periods during hot weather.

Are your window coverings doing a good job? During the summer months having good blinds / curtains is essential if you want to avoid being woken by the early morning sunlight. Check yours before you travel and consider blackout blinds if that’s what you have at home. 

Get your bedding right

There’s something to be said for familiarity, so if you want to have a night’s sleep as good as the one you get at home, consider taking your pillows, duvets and sheets with you or replicating them for your caravan/motorhome. The other alternative is sleeping bags - modern sleeping bags are extremely comfy, they keep you extra warm and there’s a great deal to choose from. Here are a few of the sleeping bags we stock in our accessory shop:

Vango Atlas Junior - £27: This 2-season, mummy-shaped sleeping bag has a TOG rating of 8.5 and great quality fabric and fills. The junior size is perfect for kids or petite campers and is recommended by The Scout Association.

Vango Ember: Single - £26 / Double - £58: These 2-season, square shaped sleeping bags are extremely versatile and come in a range of colours giving you more choice. With a TOG rating of 7.5 and constructed using quality fabrics and fills, this bag also has an integrated headrest, providing additional comfort.

Lucerne 8 XL - £37.99: This extra large, rectangular sleeping bag is 8 TOG, made from a soft-touch fabric and generously proportioned for a spacious, unrestricted sleep.

Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag - £119.95: This 4.5 TOG summer sleeping bag packs down very small, taking up little space. It has a premium 2.5cm Gold memory foam base, with an attached ‘duvet’, so unlike a traditional sleeping bag, you are not zipped in. Available in a range of colours.

VW sleep accessories

If you’re the proud owner of a VW camper, we have several items that might make your slumber even deeper:

  • Duvalay Compact Travel Toppers - £81.99: This topper measures 190cm x 66cm, has the highest density 2.5cm Gold memory foam for maximum comfort and comes with a zipped, washable cover.

  • Duvalay also offers custom-made mattress toppers for the rock and roll bed - the price will depend on your measurements so please get in touch for a quote.

  • Vango California R&R Mattress - £120: This double mattress is designed for the VW rock and roll bed. It’s a 10cm deep air mattress with soft peach brushed fabric for comfort, and fast and easy inflation and deflation for convenience.

Give our helpful accessory shop team a call on 01962 714 844 or pop into the shop for a closer look!

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