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Buying a leisure vehicle is a big investment so once you’ve taken that leap you’ll want to do all you can to ensure it stays in the best possible condition.

There are many things you can do to make sure it’s well looked after, but nothing beats giving it an extra layer of protection! We’re partnered with Paintseal Direct, the UK’s leading supplier of paint and upholstery protection and highly recommend this course of action to protect your vehicle.


You can protect your caravan or motorhome with Paintseal whatever its age. So whether you’re buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, or indeed, if you already own a vehicle, it’s not too late to get it booked in to receive the Paintseal treatment!


Paintseal Direct supplies products to protect your caravan and motorhomes’ external paint surface as well as the fabrics and upholstery inside your vehicle. Both products seal and protect the surfaces from any mark or stain.

There are two options when it comes to the exterior treatment - an ultra-strong PTFE Teflon Application (similar to the formula used on household non-stick pans), or the extra strong Aviation Approved Liquid Glass Ceramic coating.

Paintseal’s Ceramic Glasscoat is a ceramic hardened glass finish that bonds to the paint surface. It repels liquids and is extremely resilient to all kinds of damage such as that caused by acid rain, pollution, solvents and road salt. It is up to 4 times thicker than existing fluoropolymer-type protectors and 10 times more durable than most other products.

It works by repelling dirt and grime so that it has virtually nothing to attach itself to; any mark or muck can be wiped off with ease - no elbow grease required! The other advantage is that once it has been applied, there’s no need to polish as your vehicle will retain its shiny, glossy, ‘new’ look for years to come.

The interior treatment is a PTFE (Teflon) formulae, which is applied to upholstery. It works in much the same way as the external treatment, making the fabrics in your caravan or motorhome highly resistant to staining from any spillages and extremely easy to clean.



Caravan Single Axle - Teflon: £449

Caravan Twin Axle - Teflon: £499

Caravan Single Axle - Ceramic Gen3: £549

Caravan Twin Axle - Ceramic Gen3: £649


Up to 21ft (6.32M) - Teflon: £499 - Gen3: £649

21-24ft (6.31m - 7.31m) - Teflon: £599 - Gen3: £749

24-27ft (7.31m - 8.23m) - Teflon: £699 - Gen3: £849

27-30ft (8.23m - 9.14m) - Teflon: £799 - Gen3: £949

Over 30ft (9.15m) - POA

  • All prices are for both the internal and external Paintseal Direct treatments, including VAT and application.

  • Treatment applied to new caravans (under six months) comes with a five-year guarantee from the application date.

  • Treatment applied to pre-owned caravans comes with a three-year guarantee.



  1. It will provide your exterior surfaces and interior upholstery with complete protection from dirt, stains and damage, giving you peace of mind.

  2. It will cut down your cleaning time as it’ll need to be done less frequently and it’ll also be quicker and easier to do when it is needed.

  3. Banish the wax from your cleaning kit - you’ll never need to polish your vehicle again!

  4. It offers fantastic value for money.

  5. Your vehicle will look shiny and glossy all year round!



Keep it clean
Although the need to clean will be much reduced, it’s still a good idea to give it a light going over a couple of times a year and dust and hoover on the inside when it needs it, especially during times of heavy usage.

Air it 
If you’re not using your vehicle for periods during the winter months, try to ensure that it is well-ventilated to allow air flow inside the vehicle. This will prevent any damp issues that could lead to other problems.

Cover up!
Consider investing in a caravan cover to protect your caravan when it’s not in use, and especially during the winter when the elements are harsh and there is likely to be more debris that could find its way onto your vehicle. There is a wide choice of covers to choose from including bespoke ones and off the shelf - find out more by reading our blog: Caravan covers: get ready for winter.

If you’ll need to store your vehicle away from your home, consider going for indoor storage to protect it from the elements. If outdoor storage is your only option, be careful to choose a site that is well-protected and sheltered if possible.

Take care
Put simply - take care of your vehicle! It’s precious and will provide you with many great trips and holidays so looking after it is more than worth your while. Plus, caravans and motorhomes in excellent condition hold their value much better and so if you decide to sell it on or trade it in, you’ll get a better price for it.

At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes, we stock new Swift and Bailey caravans, a range of pre-owned caravans, new Bailey motorhomes, a variety of pre-owned motorhomes and VW campervans. For more information on the Paintseal products or to book your vehicle in for treatment, please get in touch via email or our contact form or give us a call on 01962 714 844. 

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