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Invest in air con for your leisure vehicle…

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If you like to stay cool during the summer months, fitting an air conditioning unit to your leisure vehicle will ensure your comfort! Whether you’re thinking of starting your adventures this season, or you’re a seasoned caravanner or motorhomer, we can help.

At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes, we can order and organise the installation of your Truma air conditioning unit of choice. If you’re looking to buy a vehicle soon, we can add it on as an extra to your purchase, or if you already have your vehicle, you can book it in with us to be fitted at a time convenient for you.

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Truma air conditioning units can be fitted to both caravans and motorhomes to provide you with a wonderfully cool environment in your home on wheels. It is ideal for those hot summer days here in the UK - although our weather is never guaranteed, we do usually have a few hot months!

It is also great if you like to venture further afield in your caravan or motorhome - perhaps you like to cross the Channel and head for France, Spain or Italy for your summer holidays? If so, the temperatures there often reach in excess of 35 degrees in the summer months, which could make life in a leisure vehicle a little uncomfortable without air con!

Advantages of air conditioning…

  • It keeps you cool!

  • It improves sleep as the vehicle will be at an ideal temperature.

  • Provides humidity control, which not only makes for a more comfortable environment, but also prevents damp  and condensation too.

As your windows will be closed to keep the cool air inside, this will result in further benefits:

  • Less noise - any noise from the surrounding area will be shut out.

  • Fewer pests - as they won’t be able to get in!

  • Increased security as you won’t have any need to leave windows open overnight.


Truma Aventa Air Conditioning Systems

We can supply and organise installation of the following three Truma air conditioning systems for the prices listed below:

Aventa Comfort - £2,295

Aventa Compact - £1,895

Aventa Compact Plus - £1,995


  • Roof mounted and will fit on even the smallest vehicle roofs.

  • Extremely quiet running.

  • The systems’ air distributor ensures that cool air flows throughout the entire vehicle.

  • The openings can be adjusted to direct the cool air where you need it.

  • Operated via remote control to switch on and set the temperature. These systems can also be controlled with the digital Truma CP plus control panel, which is easy to integrate into the iNet System and can be controlled via an app should you wish.

  • You can use the timer to set the desired running time.

  • Can be used as a heater as well as a cooler.

  • 5-year guarantee.

Aventa Comfort highlights

  • Extremely energy-efficient.

  • 2400W cooling output and an integrated heat pump that provides a 1700W heat output.

  • The inside air distributor is available in either cream or brown.

  • It is equipped with dimmable LED mood lighting, which can be used separately to the air con.

  • Will achieve desired temperature in a very short time and the air is also cleaned and dehumidified. 

  • Four operating modes (cooling, heating, automatic, air circulation) and three fan speeds.

  • Especially quiet in sleep mode with reduced fan speed.

  • When it was launched, the Aventa Comfort received the caravaning design award from Messe Düsseldorf!

Aventa Compact highlights

  • The lightest and quietest roof-mounted camping air conditioner in its class.

  • It uses less power to cool than the other two models (1700W of cooling power).

  • Its space-saving design means it can also fit on the roof alongside solar panels, satellite dishes or a roof box.

Aventa Compact Plus highlights

  • Maximum power in the minimum amount of space -  it boasts 2200W of cooling power, which is an extra 500W compared to the Aventa Compact.

  • Ideal for larger vehicles due to its additional cooling power. It extracts moisture from the air at the same time as it cools, which contributes to a pleasant room climate.

  • Its space-saving design means it can also fit on the roof alongside solar panels, satellite dishes or a roof box.

Give us a call on 01962 714 844 if you’d like to enquire about a Truma air conditioning system. Check out our ranges of new and pre-owned caravans, and pre-owned motorhomes online, then pop into our showroom for a closer look!

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