How much do caravans cost?

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The answer to this question depends on many factors - are you looking to buy new or pre-owned, do you need a two-berth or a larger family caravan, a compact model or extra wide, are you happy with the basics or are you looking for luxury? All these things will impact the price.

The first thing to do is decide how much you’re able to spend and set yourself a budget. This will enable you to focus on the types of caravan in your price range. Next, make a list of must-haves to ensure that the caravan you end up with ticks all your boxes.

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Remember to be realistic and only put the real necessities on the list to avoid creating an impossible task! Think about:

  • The maximum weight your car can tow; the caravan should be no heavier than 85% of the kerbweight of the towing car.

  • The number of berths you need.

  • Bed types - french, island, twin, bunks?

  • Your preferred layout - mid washroom or rear washroom?

  • Any must-have kit, such as kitchen appliances, tech or heating type.

  • Does it have the storage you need?

  • Would you prefer compact, standard or extra-wide dimensions?

What can I get for my money if I’m buying new?

If you’re looking at new caravans, your budget will determine which manufacturers will be open to you. At Winchester Caravans & Motorhomes, we’re an approved dealership for two of the UK’s leading manufacturers; Bailey and Swift.

£22,000 - £27,500 will get you a great entry-level family caravan with all the mod cons.

£27,500 – £35,000 would give you a wider choice of family touring caravans with additional features and higher spec.

£37,000 – £43,500 will buy you a luxury tourer with high levels of equipment and furnishings.

What can I expect to pay for a pre-owned caravan?

This will depend on many things - the age of the caravan, the level of the model, the spec, how well it’s been looked after… But as a rough guide, if buying from a dealership you should expect to pay between £19,000 and £24,000 for a five-year-old, mid-range, 4-berth caravan. 

Set yourself a budget and ensure it’s realistic; this will determine what age caravans you’ll be looking at, which manufacturers are open to you and whether you’ll be looking at entry, mid or premium level ranges. It's important to get a caravan that has all the features you want and need, but also one that you feel is good value for money. 

Start off by doing some research - price up different manufacturers and models and compare the options. Which ones appeal to you and have the features that you need to fulfil your requirements? Please get in touch if you’d like our help with this or check out our range of great-value, pre-owned caravans

Spec levels 

All caravans come with everything you need for a comfortable and practical trip, but some ranges offer higher levels of luxury than others, which will of course be reflected in the price. The entry level ranges tend to have Truma blown air heating, whereas the more premium ranges have Alde radiator and underfloor heating.

Entry level

  • The Swift Sprite ranges (compact, standard and Grande) offer fantastic value for money and a wide range of layouts to suit couples and families alike. (£21,195 - £27,495)

  • Bailey’s new Phoenix GT75 is comfortable and affordable with 2, 4 and 6-berth options. It boasts light and airy interiors and a spacious yet lightweight design. (£22,999 - £27,499)

Mid range

  • The Swift Challenger ranges (SE, Exclusive and Grande SE) offer all the features of the Sprite, but with a bit more room! Extras include a front chest, airy dining area and larger sleeping spaces. (£29,395 - £34,995)

  • The Bailey Pegasus Grande SE is 8ft wide and offers a range of generous layouts for 4-6 people. Key features include large through-boot storage and a Truma 100-watt solar panel. (£28,399 - £30,999)

  • The Bailey Unicorn combines practicality and luxury. Features include an 80-watt solar panel, a vertical front exterior infinity window and wider fixed beds with superior foam mattress construction - model specific. (£30,099 - £34,499)

Top range

  • The Swift Elegance Grande is comfortable and luxurious, with six 4-berth layouts to choose from. Key features include on board 4G WiFi, Aldi underfloor heating and a sophisticated soft furnishing scheme. (From £43,495)

  • The 8ft-wide Bailey Alicanto Grande is generous in both size and luxury. With three 4-berth layouts to choose from and great features including 5ft fixed island beds with pocket sprung mattress, Alde heating system and Avtex mobile WiFi and wireless charging pad. (£37,199 - £38,999)

Check out our finance options…

If you’re keen to buy a caravan, but do not have the cash up front, why not take a look at our flexible finance options? Utilising one of these would make it possible to get what you want for a manageable monthly payment and without compromising your current lifestyle!

We offer two types of finance - Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). HP is a type of finance that allows you to buy an item outright, but without having to pay the total amount up front. The whole cost of the caravan is split across a deposit and a number of fixed monthly payments, usually spread over 24-60 months. There is no large final sum to pay and you automatically own the vehicle as soon as you've made the final payment. 

The advantages of it are that you have a say in how much deposit you put down, you can set the length of term according to what you can afford each month and you can pay off lump sums along the way if you wish, so it’s pretty flexible. It’s also reassuring to know that the loan is on the vehicle itself, not on you.

PCP is great for those who do not have large amounts of disposable income every month as the monthly payments are smaller and manageable. At the end of the term, which is usually between 24 and 60 months, you’ll have the option to pay a lump sum to purchase the vehicle, or simply trade it in and hand the keys back. It’s also reassuring to know that  with both HP and PCP, the loan is on the vehicle, not on you.

Finance partner - Black Horse

Black Horse offers finance on new and pre-owned caravans as well as motorhomes. They offer longer terms, of up to 10 years on new vehicles and 7 years on pre-owned vehicles, meaning the cost can be spread over a longer period if that is what will suit you best. There is  a flat rate of interest for everyone, which is currently 8.9%.

Both HP and PCP options are available, so you can go for whichever best suits your circumstances. There is no minimum deposit for either, although you do have the option to put one down if you wish. You can also pay off lump sums as and when you wish if you have some extra cash, which will enable you to reduce your future payment amounts or shorten your term.

Pop in and see us!

Pop into the showroom and take a closer look at the new and pre-owned caravans we have in stock. The new season kicked off on 1 September so we’ll have the new 2024 models arriving soon! Give us a call on 01962 714844 for more info…


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