5 great places to caravan in Hertfordshire

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Hertfordshire is located in the east of England and is one of the home counties. With a population of almost 1.2m (2019) and covering an area of 1,643km, it borders Greater London to the south, Essex to the east, Cambridgeshire to the north-east and Bedfordshire to the north-west.

It is a ceremonial county, which means it has an appointed Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff and is used for ceremonial purposes in relation to the monarchy. The largest settlement is Watford, situated in the south of the county, and the county town is Hertford.


Hertfordshire is renowned for its unique blend of natural beauty, historic charm and modern amenities. Nestled on the outskirts of London, it offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city whilst providing an easy commute to the capital. It boasts lush countryside with rolling hills, quaint villages and vast farmland.

The county is dotted with charming market towns, each boasting a rich heritage showcased through their historic architecture, bustling markets, and cultural events. Hertfordshire is also home to numerous stately homes and historic sites.

There are also several culinary traditions that are a must if you visit Hertfordshire. The Hertfordshire Clanger is a savoury pastry traditionally filled with meat and vegetables at one end and sweet jam or fruit at the other. It was a practical meal for fieldworkers and is still enjoyed today as a local specialty. St Albans Pudding - named after the market town - is a dessert consisting of a pastry base filled with suet, currants and spices and is often served with custard or cream. Hertfordshire is also known for its high-quality bacon, so an English breakfast here is likely to be top-notch!

If you’re considering a trip here, Google ‘Campsites in Hertfordshire’ to find available campsites in the areas you’re most interested in, or utilise caravan site finders such as pitchup.com or caravansitefinder.co.uk for a more focused search that will enable you to select the key features you’d like the site to have.

5 great Hertfordshire locations…


The county town of Hertfordshire, Hertford is known for its historical significance, picturesque setting along the River Lea, and a variety of attractions and activities. Hertford Castle is the focal point of the town and dates back to the 11th century. While the castle itself is not open to the public, its stunning gardens are and they’re well worth a visit. 

Hertford Museum, located in the town centre, offers insights into the history and heritage of the county including exhibitions on archaeology, local industries and the town's social history. Hertford also enjoys a thriving arts and cultural scene, with its theatre hosting a range of performances from plays to comedy shows. There’s also a variety of art galleries and live music venues to choose from if that takes your fancy.

St Albans

St Albans boasts rich heritage, stunning architecture and natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in exploring the history of St Albans, or simply wish to enjoy the vibrant city life, you won’t be disappointed. You could start with a stroll through picturesque streets lined with historic buildings, including mediaeval and Tudor structures.

St Albans Cathedral, also known as St Albans Abbey, is one of the city's most iconic landmarks. It dates back to the 11th century and features exquisite Norman architecture, beautiful stained glass windows, mediaeval wall paintings, and the Shrine of St Alban, Britain's first Christian martyr.

Another must-see is Verulamium Park, a sprawling green space that encompasses the ancient Roman city of Verulamium. You can visit the Verulamium Museum to learn about the Roman history of the area, see well-preserved mosaics, and explore the ruins of the Roman theatre, city walls and the hypocaust system. The park itself is also ideal for picnics and leisurely walks.


Tring is nestled on the edge of the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which is known for its rolling hills, woodlands and scenic walking trails. The nearby Ashridge Estate is a popular destination for its breathtaking views and serene landscapes. The Grand Union Canal passes through Tring, providing opportunities for picturesque canal-side walks and boat trips. Enjoy leisurely strolls along the towpath and observe the narrowboats and wildlife along the water.

Tring features several historic buildings and quaint streets with traditional Tudor and Georgian architecture. Regular markets are held there, including a farmers' market, offering fresh local produce, artisanal products, and handmade crafts. And for beer enthusiasts, there’s Tring Brewery, a local microbrewery known for producing a variety of craft beers and hosting occasional tours and tastings.

Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead offers the perfect blend of old and new; its rich history and host of modern attractions are sure to keep you entertained whatever your tastes! Soak up the town’s history in the Old Town where you’ll find historic architecture, timber-framed buildings, traditional pubs and charming streets. Explore the remains of a Roman villa at Boxmoor and the historic Bovingdon Airfield, which played a significant role during World War II. 

The Snow Centre, an indoor skiing and snowboarding facility, is a great place for snow sport enthusiasts or active people looking to give it a go! Whether you're a beginner or experienced, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on real snow slopes, take lessons, or simply have fun in the snow play area. The Marlowes Shopping Centre is worth a visit too, with its variety of high-street shops, boutiques and restaurants.There’s also Jarman Park, a leisure complex featuring a range of entertainment options including a cinema, bowling alley, and restaurants; ideal for families and groups of friends.


Berkhamsted is situated along the Grand Union Canal, providing opportunities to enjoy the scenic waterway with a leisurely walk, a boat trip and even a picnic along the towpath. You could also stop at one of the canalside cafes for a cup of tea or a meal whilst soaking up the peaceful atmosphere.

One of the town's most prominent landmarks is Berkhamsted Castle. This ancient motte-and-bailey castle dates back to the 11th century and played a significant role in English history. Visitors can explore the ruins, learn about its history and enjoy scenic views from the castle mound. The castle's moat area has been converted into a pleasant park with benches and green spaces, offering a tranquil spot to relax and enjoy the views.

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