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If you want comprehensive guarantee of cover, you have come to the right place.

Here at Winchester Caravans, we want you to feel completely happy with your new or pre-owned caravan purchase. We want you to know that from time to time problems unfortunately can arise, but we are always here to help. All our caravans are covered with a fully comprehensive warranty, giving you continued peace of mind as you go on your caravan journey.

All new caravan purchases are covered under full factory-backed warranties and all our pre-owned caravan sales are covered by Winchester Caravans Approved Warranty Scheme.

Full details are available upon request. However, to give you a brief idea on how our warranties work, please see below.

Bailey Caravans - 

Total customer satisfaction is top priority at Winchester Caravans and this ethos extends to the manufacturer’s warranty package that comes with every new Bailey caravan. This means we not only ensure long-term peace of mind, but also enhance the re-sale value of your investment.

6 Year Body Shell Integrity Guarantee

Bailey Alu-Tech caravans are covered by a six year Body Shell Integrity Guarantee from the initial date of purchase. This cover extends to any structural degradation to the body shell that arises as a result of water ingress through any permanently sealed seam or joint (with the exception of exclusions stated in the terms and conditions.)

Warranty Extension

An additional four year extension to the standard Body Shell Integrity Warranty cover (making 10 years cover in total) is available as a cost option. Please ask your salesperson for more details.

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

For a period of 24 months from the initial date of purchase, Bailey offers a comprehensive warranty on all parts and components as well as full coverage for any manufacturing faults forming part of the original specification of the caravan, with the following specified exceptions:

The following items are covered for one year from the date of first registration

- Microwave ovens

- Pioneer Stereo Radio/CD/MP3 players and speakers

The manufacturer’s warranty then extends to an additional 12 months on the following items.

  • Chassis: all chassis members including corner steadies
  • Suspension: axle suspension and braking system (excluding any damage to or faults in brake drums and shoes that are caused through misuse of the braking system or from normal wear and tear)
  • Running Gear: road wheels (excluding tyres)
  • Towing Mechanism: all mechanical components fitted to vehicle (excluding electrics)
  • Cooker: the cooker unit including burners, grill, oven, flame failure device and igniter
  • Refrigerator: door seal condenser, gas control valve, gas igniter, flame failure device,12 and 230v heater elements, gas thermostat, 230v thermostat and 230v temperature control switch
  • Water System: water heater (gas or electric), fresh water tank, water pump, water
  • gauges, taps and shower head · Electrical System: mains hook up input connector, ELCB, battery charger
  • Cassette Toilet: the cassette toilet is covered (excluding seals, valves and glands)
  • Windows: the functionality of the opening and closing system (stays, handles and catches) and a warranty against the cracking of the acrylic
  • Heating System: thermostat, motor, switches, control unit, gas heater, flame failure against the cracking of the acrylic
  • Upholstery: zips, seams and colour fastness
Warranty Extension

An additional three year extension to the standard Manufacturer’s Warranty cover for mechanical and electrical components of a leisure vehicle both external and internal is available as a cost option. 

The Bailey warranty above is offered subject to a list of terms and conditions available upon request.

Lunar Caravans - 

For total peace of mind all new 2018 Lunar Caravans are supplied with:

  • 6 Year Body Shell Integrity Warranty
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Backed Warranty - Specific exclusions apply and subject to an annual service and inspection and excluding items subject to normal wear and tear.

Each caravan model has been certified by the National Caravan Council (NCC) for compliance with stringent European Standards, British Standards and the industry’s set Code of Practice that specifically relates to health and safety issues.

The approval process covers the testing and inspection of all critical areas of the product from fire safety, weights and dimensions through to gas, electrics and ventilation. In order to ensure Lunar's continuing compliance with its stringent standards, the NCC also carries out unannounced spot inspections at Lunar’s factory.

Every caravan we sell carries the 'NCC Approved Caravan' badge that gives you the peace of mind that your caravan is both legal and safe.

What is covered within the warranty?

The 6 year Body Shell Integrity warranty covers water ingress through any permanently sealed seam joints and the delamination of panels and floor, as long as they are part of the caravan’s original construction.

In year one of the three year manufacturer's backed warranty, Lunar will cover all defect components and parts, but not those which are the result of normal wear and tear and those that relate to tyres, bulbs, fluorescent tubes and fuses. In years two and three, specific exclusions apply (have a look at pages two and three of your Lunar Service Handbook for the exclusions).

Can I extend my Lunar warranty?

From 2018, an additional four year extension to the standard Body Shell Integrity Warranty cover (making 10 years cover in total) is available as a cost option. Please ask your salesperson for more details.

Can the warranty be transferred?

Yes, any unexpired warranty can be transferred. There is an administration fee of £50 and full evidence that the caravan has been serviced annually has to be enclosed. The change of ownership form should also be completed. Full details on how to transfer your warranty is listed on page 15 of the Lunar Service Handbook.

The Lunar warranty offered above is subject to terms and conditions available upon request.

Winchester Caravan’s Approved Warranty Scheme - 

Our aim is to supply you with a trouble-free and fully-serviced caravan. Wherever possible, we will always aim to demonstrate the new working parts of your caravan on collection.

As with all pre-owned products, there is an ageing process which causes deterioration of fixtures and fittings. Our warranty is designed to cover the most important aspects of safety and structural reliability.

Key Features -

Any remaining balance of the original manufacturer’s in-house warranty can be transferred to you as the new owner. This is done directly with the manufacturer and usually applies to caravans up to three years from the date of first registration and involves a small administration cost. The cover will be given to you from the original manufacturer’s documentation.

If the above is not possible then the following warranty applies.

Extent of Cover - 
Specific Exclusions - 

The warranty offered above is subject to terms and conditions available upon request.

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