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Discover the new 2022 Swift caravan ranges!

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Swift have relaunched the legendary Conqueror for 2022 - a range that Swift first launched in 1990 with production continuing for 28 years. It has enjoyed a four-year rest and is now back with a bang! In addition to this, the Elegance has undergone large-scale specification changes for 2022, with minor changes to the Challenger and Sprite ranges as well.

The original Conqueror was one of most popular ranges of its time and this popularity is set to continue second time round. The range has a great new look; modern and sleek in design with a hi-spec and premium quality feel. It’s impressive features include high gloss lockers, atmospheric lighting, panoramic front sunroof and modern washroom boasting plenty of storage.

Swift EleganceConqueror’s decor is fresh and modern with domestic-style Zinc soft furnishings, off white and cream colour scheme and French oak effect flooring. There are four models in the Conqueror range, all of which are single axle and 2.28m wide. The 480 measures 6.59m in length whilst the other three models are all 7.54m long. They all feature Alde heating, Swift Command and Swift Command Tracker, plus an onboard fresh water tank for added convenience. 

The 480 is a two-berth with the lounge at the front which converts into a double bed, mid kitchen and rear washroom. The 560 is a four-berth and has the same front lounge, with a mid kitchen, mid washroom and an Island bed at the rear. 

The 565 is a four-berth with a front lounge that converts into a double, a mid kitchen, two single beds beyond the kitchen and an end washroom. The 580 is also a four-berth and has the same front lounge, a mid kitchen, a transverse bed beyond the kitchen and a rear washroom. 


The Elegance range has been enhanced for 2022 and offers three 8ft-wide models, all four-berth and each offering very different layout options. The Elegance is all about luxury and premium quality, from the glamorous new Brisa ULTRALEATHER upholstery scheme to the spa-like washroom and full height padded headboards. Other key features include an on-board fresh water tank, a dimmable LED lighting system and new underfloor heating.

All three models are twin axles and measure 7.98m in length. They all have front lounges that convert to doubles. The 835 has a mid kitchen leading through to the washroom, with a transverse bed at the rear. The 845 had a mid kitchen, leading onto a transverse double bed and a rear washroom. The 850 had a mid kitchen leading onto a mid washroom and an island bed to the rear.


The Challenger has had a major specification enhancement for 2022 offering even more choice and value for the new season. The range boasts five models accommodating 2-4 people, all with the stylish Coyote soft furnishing scheme.

All models are 2.23m wide with front lounges that convert into doubles for sleeping. The two-berth 480 is 6.66m in length, with a mid kitchen and rear washroom. The 530 is a four-berth measuring 7m, with a mid kitchen, mid diner converting to bunk beds and a rear washroom.

The four-berth 560 is 7.54m in length, with a mid kitchen, leading onto a mid washroom and a rear bedroom with fixed island bed. The 580 is also a four-berth measuring 7.54m, but with a mid kitchen, leading onto a bedroom with a transverse island bed and a rear washroom. The 650 is a larger four-berth at 7.98m long, with a mid kitchen leading onto the washroom, with the bedroom at the rear featuring an island bed.

The Challenger X range offers four 8ft-wide, four-berth models, including the newly launched 860 model. Challenger X models are ideal for families with spacious interiors, bigger beds and additional storage. 

The 835 is 7.98m long and has a front lounge with sofas on each side that convert into a double bed. There is a mid kitchen, which leads onto the washroom, and a bedroom at the rear comprising a transverse island bed. The 850 is 7.98m in length and has L-shape lounge seating at the front which converts to a double bed for sleeping. The lounge leads onto a mid kitchen, followed by the washroom with the bedroom, fitted with an island bed, at the rear. 

The 860 is slightly smaller than the 850 with a length of  7.54m, but a very similar configuration and layout. The 880 is also 7.54m long and has a front lounge with opposing sofas like the 835. There is a mid kitchen, which leads onto the bedroom with its transverse island bed and a washroom at the rear. 


The Sprite (standard width) and Sprite Super (8ft-wide) offer great value for money whilst not compromising on quality. The light, airy interior has three opening front windows, stylish Langholme soft furnishings and low energy LED lighting throughout, with features including the Truma blown air heating system, Duvalay Duvalite Apollo Luxe mattresses and an upgraded Dometic Series 10 fridge.

Sprite’s seven models cater for 2-6 people and offer a range of layouts including a choice of mid, side or rear washrooms and French, island, transverse or bunk bed options.

Sprite Super’s three models consist of one four-berth and two six-berths options. The four-berth Major 4 SB has a mid kitchen, transverse fixed island bed and a rear washroom, while the Quattro FB and DB (both six-berth) are very similar layouts with front lounge, mid kitchen, mid diner (which converts into a double bed) and rear side washroom. The main difference between the two is that the FB has a French bed to the rear, while the DB has bunk beds.

Order your 2022 model now!

Stock levels for 2022 are going to be limited, as they were last year, due to the continuing effects of the pandemic. The situation has affected caravan manufacturing, with closures during the initial lockdown periods and then reduced production levels as social distancing guidelines meant that fewer staff could be in factories at any one time. In addition to this, the industry is also experiencing difficulties in obtaining certain materials needed to build the vehicles, which could be partly due to the pandemic, as well as repercussions of Brexit.

With all this mind, be sure to get your order in for your new Swift 2022 caravan as soon as you can to avoid disappointment! The earlier you place your order, the earlier in the 2022 season you’ll receive it.

Pop along to our Model Preview event this coming weekend (29-31 October) to take a close look at some of the new models, or just drop in when you can - we’re always here ready to offer a cuppa and any guidance needed!

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