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Bailey’s 2022 motorhome ranges are out now and available to order! This season’s offering comprises the Adamo and the Autograph and with 11 models between them, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The Adamo range has Ford Transit cabs supplied with a 2.0 litre 160bhp engine with automatic gearbox. The van itself is a Ford Transit skeletal chassis with an Alu-Tech bodyshell habitation area. The Autograph range has Peugeot fully compliant Euro 6 Boxer cabs supplied with a 2.2 Blue Hdi 165bhp engine with 6-speed manual gearbox and an Alu-Tech bodyshell habitation area.

Bailey Adamo

The base vehicles all come with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty and the habitation area has a 6-year bodyshell integrity guarantee and a 3-year manufacturers' warranty (T&Cs apply).


The Adamo offers fantastic value for money as well as the perfect combination of good aesthetics and endless practicality. The three models are all 4-berth, with 4 travel seats, each offering a different layout option so there is sure to be something to suit every lifestyle.

There’s external onboard garage space on every model too, which is great for separating outdoor kit from living space, whether that’s bikes and other sporting equipment or outdoor furniture and BBQs.

Some of the most notable features of the Adamo include: electric-powered drop-down beds (model specific), an 80 watt solar panel for true 'off-grid' adventures, four-season capability with the Truma Combi 4 heating system, a fully-equipped kitchen with a Thetford K series combined oven, grill, gas hob and electric hot plate and a bigger sink.

The Adamo 69-4 sleeping quarters are all at the front, with a lounge/diner that converts into a double at the bottom and there’s also an electric drop-down double above. The lounge leads onto the kitchen and then the washroom, with the garage storage along the back externally.

The 75-4L has a front lounge/diner that converts into a double bed for sleeping, with a full-width mid kitchen and full-width mid washroom. The bedroom, which is equipped with a fixed island bed, is at the back, along with the external garage storage which is located on the rear sides of the vehicle.

The 75-4DL has the same front lounge arrangement. There is a split mid kitchen, with most of it located on the passenger side of the vehicle and the compact washroom can be found opposite. There is an additional seating area at the rear which converts into a double bed, with the external garage space along the back.

Check out the Adamo model layouts to help you visualise which will suit you best.


The Autograph range joins performance with comfort to enable those looking for adventures to be able to find them whilst surrounded by luxury. There are 8 models available in the range, offering different layouts for up to 6 people to suit different needs and lifestyles. 

Notable features of the Autograph include a Truma 100 watt solar panel, Thule wind-out awning, Dometic reversing camera, Dometic 153 litre fridge-freezer, a Thetford Caprice combination oven, grill, gas hob and electric hotplate, and four-season all weather sustainability with the Alde radiator central heating system.

There are three 2-berth models - the 69-2, 74-2 and the 79-2F. The 69-2 has a rear lounge and the seats can be converted into a double bed for sleeping. The washroom is located at the front on the driver’s side of the vehicle, with the kitchen opposite.

The 74-2 has a dedicated front lounge, which leads onto a mid kitchen. There is a fixed French bed to the rear with the washroom next to it. The 79-2F is very similar in layout to the 74-2, except that the washroom is tucked behind the bedroom rather than next to it.

There are four 4-berth models - the 74-4, 79-4F, 79-4L and the 79-4T. The 74-4 has a front lounge/doner which converts to a double, with the kitchen in the middle. The bedroom (with French bed) and washroom are at the rear of the vehicle side by side.  The 79-4F is a very similar design to the 74-4, except that the washroom is tucked behind the bedroom rather than next to it.

The 79-4L has a front lounge/diner that converts to a double, with a mid kitchen on the passenger side and a mid washroom on the driver side. The bedroom, which is equipped with an island bed, is located at the rear. The 79-4T has the same lounge/kitchen/washroom configuration as the 79-4L, but the rear bedroom houses fixed twin beds instead.

The 81-6 is Bailey’s only 6-berth motorhome model and it’s bursting with versatility. It has a front lounge/diner that converts into 2 doubles - one up and one down. There is a mid washroom on the driver’s side of the vehicle and mid kitchen on the passenger side, with a u-shaped seating area at the rear that also converts to a double for sleeping.

Take a closer look at all the Autograph layouts to get a more accurate idea of what might work best for you and your family.

Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes Sales Manager James Mainwaring said: “We’re excited to see the new 2022 models arriving on-site and to introduce our customers to them, confident in the knowledge that whichever model you go for, you won’t be disappointed. Bailey motorhomes are fantastic quality and the layouts have been well thought-out to ensure a great user experience every time.”

Give us a call on 01962 714 844 or pop into our showroom on main Road, Colden Common to browse the selection we have in stock. Although we do not have every model on-site, we have the spec sheets to hand and we’ll be able to provide any additional information you need and guide you towards the right model for you!

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