Your caravan purchase: new or pre-owned?

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So you’ve decided to go for it and buy a caravan - let the adventures begin! But first you’ve got a few decisions to make. The first and main one being, are you going to go for a new caravan or a pre-owned one?

This decision may be very simple if it all comes down to budget. How much are you looking to spend? You will need to consider if you have any ‘must haves’ and if so, are these included in the type of caravan that you are considering? If you want a particular spec level but new models with that level are over budget, pre-owned may be the answer.

Your caravan purchase: new or pre-owned?The prices below are for new models, so keep in mind that pre-owned versions of each of these categories will cost less.

  • £12,500 – £15,000 will get you a budget family caravan or mid-range 2 berth.

  • £15,000 – £20,000 would give you the choice of family touring caravans with the latest layouts.

  • £20,000 – £25,000 could buy you a luxury tourer with high levels of equipment and furnishings.

  • £25,000+ will get you a bespoke luxury caravan from a manufacturer of your choice.


New - the pros

It's all yours

You’ll be the first owner and everything will be brand new and completely unused, so it’ll be solely for your enjoyment. There will be no wear and tear and it won’t have done any miles as it’ll have come straight from the factory! It’s an amazing feeling to buy something new and will benefit from that delicious ‘new’ smell!


Tailor it to your taste and needs

When you buy new, you can choose the model and spec you like and tailor it to meet your exact taste and requirements. This is everything from bed configuration to layout, upholstery to appliances. The options are endless.


Spoilt for choice

There are so many makes and models on offer that you will truly be spoilt for choice. Swift and Bailey are two of the biggest names in the caravanning world and definitely worth a look.


Less time searching

Looking for a new caravan is more straightforward and may take less time to find your ideal one than searching for a pre-owned model. With pre-owned you have to look for the individual caravan that is right for you, whereas when you buy new, you choose the model that has the spec and design that suits your needs - and it is what it is!


Low maintenance

New caravans are low maintenance  - it shouldn’t need anything doing on it for a good while, and should something come up that needs attention, you can rest assured that it will all be taken care of under your comprehensive manufacturer's warranty.


Buy with confidence

If you buy your new caravan from an NCC-approved dealer like Winchester Caravans, any problems will be taken care of as soon as they arise. All of our new caravans come with a full factory-backed warranty to give you complete peace of mind.



New - the cons

Money, money, money

There’s really only one - the fact that buying a new caravan comes with a higher price tag than buying a pre-owned one. But you may feel that the pros of buying new counter this. It could also be said that by buying new you will experience an element of depreciation in the first year - but as long as you keep hold of your caravan for at least a couple of years, you should come out on top.



Pre-owned - the pros

It’ll cost you less

The initial cost to you will be a lot less than for a new caravan, which means you get yourself a lovely home from home on a smaller budget. This may also free up more money for you to actually go away on trips in your new caravan!


Less is more

Spending less on a pre-owned caravan rather than a new one will allow you to get a higher spec or more spacious model meaning that in this case, less really is more! You may end up with extra equipment and space that you wouldn’t have been able to afford if you’d gone for a new model.


Avoid the pinch

If you buy a model that’s more than a year old, you’ll avoid the first sharp depreciation drop. So buying a year-old model means that you’ll get a nearly-new caravan for a much lower price.


Warranty option

If you buy from an NCC-approved dealer like us, the caravan should come with a warranty. Winchester Caravans offer an Approved Warranty Scheme, giving great coverage. We provide 12 months’ cover on caravans up to 5 model years old, 6 months’ cover on caravans up to 10 model years old and 3 months’ cover on caravans over 10 years old.

Please also note that any remaining balance of the original manufacturer’s in-house warranty can be transferred to you as the new owner. This is done directly with the manufacturer and usually applies to caravans up to three years old.



Pre-owned - the cons

Why are the owners selling it?

You never know why the owners have decided to sell a caravan so you must always be on the lookout for any issues that may cause problems in the future. This could be a fault or the fact that something about the model isn’t practical or ideal.


You won’t be able to tailor it to your taste

Pre-owned caravans have been chosen and specced by the original owner so it will be as they chose it to be - you won’t be able to tailor it to your taste or needs.


You can only choose from what’s available

As previously stated, the selection of available caravans may be fewer and if there are certain features that you are looking for, you’ll have to be on the ball and willing to spend longer searching for just the right model. Compromises may have to be made!


Check it thoroughly

As you are buying a pre-owned caravan, especially if buying one a little older, you will need to check it thoroughly to ensure you are happy with the condition of the caravan for the money you are paying. You may also need to factor in costs of repairs and maintenance if these are likely to be needed in the coming months and years.



We’re here to help

Whatever you decide to go for, we’re here to help! We offer both new and pre-owned caravans at our showroom in Colden Common and will be happy to meet you and chat through your options. Just having a browse will help with the decision-making process so come on in - there’s no harm in looking! We offer an array of new Swift and Bailey caravans as well as a wide selection of pre-owned caravans in a range of makes and models to suit all budgets.

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