One destination or pitstops?

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The schools are back, the temperatures are still mild, what better time to embark on a trip in your caravan or motorhome? The question is, what sort of trip are you after?

You could select a location and go and enjoy a chilled break at a leisurely pace, or pack in a little more with an itinerary of several locations - the choice is yours!

One stop or many stops?

Do you want to pick a place, find a campsite and go and enjoy a relaxed pace and what the local area has to offer? Or select a starting point and move around a bit to different places to see as much as you can? Perhaps there’s a part of the UK that you haven’t been to and you’d love to go and explore. Hopping around the area in your caravan or motorhome is a great way to see it all, with your creature comforts there to greet you at the end of each day. Similarly, setting up base in one location and exploring from there makes for a very enjoyable holiday too.

Far flung or close to home?

Are you looking to stay close to home for your trip or venture a bit further afield? There are so many amazing places to visit in the UK, you really can travel just a few hours and find yourself an array of lovely locations. Although travel abroad may be off the cards this year, we still have the choice of Wales, Scotland and Ireland, each of which offer so many possibilities.

Take the long drive up to Scotland, then work your way around the must-see places - Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Lochs - before heading home or maybe even doing a few stops on the way back if you have time. Trek across to Wales and explore the different areas from the south to north, valleys to mountains, beaches to quaint villages. Ireland is just a ferry ride away, perfectly safe with social distancing and face masks in place. Once there, you’ll have many places to choose from - explore city life in Dublin, Belfast or Cork and head for the Wild Atlantic Coast and Mourne Mountains for breath-taking scenery.

Pros and cons of one destination

+ Once you’re there your travelling will be over and you’ll be in full holiday mode.
+ You’ll do fewer miles and be able to unhitch and relax.
+ It will be a more chilled holiday so if you’re looking for a rest, it could be the right choice.
+ You’ll get to fully explore the place you’ve chosen to visit.
- You’ll only get to see one place.
- Things to do in the area may be limited.
- You may feel you want to take another trip to see other places that are along the way or a bit further along.

Pros and cons of pitstops

+ You’ll get to see a few (or lots of) different places depending on how many pitstops you have planned.
+ You’ll have an action-packed holiday!
+ You’re likely to wrack up your step count!
+ You’ll be able to tick lots of places off your list along your journey.
+ You may find places that you love and wish to go back to for another break, perhaps with family and friends. It could become a lifelong favourite spot!
- It may be a tiring trip if you’re moving about a lot.
- You could end up spending a lot of time on the road rather than enjoying your time.
- If you have numerous stops planned, you’ll spend more time setting up and packing up than if you stick to one location.
- If you have an itinerary to stick to, you may not have enough time in places you particularly like.

Top tips if opting for one destination

  • Research the place you’d like to visit so you know your travel time and what there is to do there.
  • Be sure to pre-book your site - the coronavirus pandemic has meant that many places haven’t opened this year and those that have may be very busy.
  • Consider how many days you’d like to go for to ensure you have enough time there, but not too much!
  • If you’re staying in one place, an awning is a good idea - read our blog about awnings or check out the range we offer!

Top tips if opting for pitstops

  • Research each of the places you’d like to visit to ensure you don’t have a wasted stop somewhere that’s not for you.
  • Plan an itinerary to ensure you have the right amount of time in each place.
  • Research what sites are located in or near the places you want to visit and check which ones are open. You should book in advance to ensure your place as pitches may be in high demand this year in particular.
  • Plan your stops in a logical order to ensure you’re not doing more miles than you need to.
  • Have a think about your set-up and pack down processes and how you can do this as efficiently as possible to save yourself time and stress.

Make sure you have all you need

Have you got everything you need for your trip? Check out our online shop for all your caravanning and motorhome essentials! We’re growing our online stock every week, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call or pop into our on-site shop where we stock thousands of accessories and are sure to have exactly what you’re after!

Happy with your leisure vehicle?

If you’re thinking of upgrading your caravan or motorhome, why not book an appointment to come in and have a chat with one of our friendly sales team? We can talk you through the options and show you around some of the models we have in the showroom. Plus, the new ranges have just been launched so you’ll have even more to choose from!

Browse our available stock and give us a call on 01962 714 844 if there’s anything we can help you with.

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