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While many caravanners may prefer to stick to the warmer months for their caravanning adventures, winter getaways have become more popular in recent years thanks to advances in caravan design and heating systems.

What’s more, going away in the winter months is great as it’s a lot quieter and you’ll discover a whole host of different things to enjoy in the off-peak season.

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Today’s Alde and Truma blown air heating systems really are all-season systems, enabling you to enjoy your caravan all year round. Caravan construction has improved hugely too which has helped to ensure caravans are even more weathertight. We stock new caravans from Bailey and Swift - Bailey has their Alu-Tech construction and Swift developed their SMART construction technology.

Bailey created a shell that was more robust and durable using a unique interlocking aluminium framework to clamp the body panels together. This Alu-Tech construction means fewer external joints and fixing points and this, along with the use of timber-free components in the upper bodyshell panels, results in greater protection against the elements. 

Swift’s SMART construction was introduced for the 2014 season and since then, Swift caravans have been built using PURe (a type of polyurethane) instead of wood to create the framework. The five key benefits of this technology relates back to the name: Strong timberless body frame, Modern desirable looks, Aerodynamic shape, Resilient to moisture and Testing that the caravan has undergone is highly comprehensive.

Why caravan this winter?

Complete freedom!
Caravan and motorhome holidays give you the freedom to design your trip around your interests and needs. You can go where you fancy for as long as you like and plan in as many - or as few - activities as you wish depending on if you’re after an action-packed trip or chilled break.

Caravan and motorhomes have onboard kitchen and washroom facilities which means you’re completely self-contained for the duration of your trip - no communal shower and toilet blocks for you! This also means that more sites may be available to you as some are only open to self-contained units.

Travelling in a caravan or motorhome gives you the chance to explore those places you’ve always wanted to, surrounded by all your creature comforts. It’s easy to get around and pitching doesn’t take long so you can plan a few destinations within one trip to make the most of your time away.

The kids will love it!
Caravanning is fun for children as it's one big adventure, whatever the season. Not only will you be exploring different places, but you’ll be doing it with your own home on wheels in tow - so exciting! Consider finding some rural places to pitch up as this will give the kids a chance to explore and enjoy the great outdoors, away from their devices!

Top tips for planning your getaway

Select your destination
First you need to decide where you want to visit. It could be somewhere near or somewhere further afield, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or somewhere you’ve plucked out of a map! We all have a list of places we want to go, so perhaps draw upon your wish list to choose a spot. North or south, east or west; you could head inland or opt for the coast - the choice is yours!

Research the area
Wherever you decide to go, be sure you research the area before your trip. Having a rough idea of what there is to do would be a good start. Make sure you check opening times and availability of places of interest as some may have winter hours or might be bookings only. Check out where the nearest shops are for the essentials, as well as what takeaways, pubs and restaurants are close by too so that you can eat out if you fancy a night off the cooking!

Get outdoors!
Even though it’s winter, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. As long as you dress correctly for the weather conditions there’s no reason why not! There are plenty of things you could do, depending on your fitness and the local amenities. 

Most locations provide plenty of options for lovely walks as well as more challenging hikes for those looking for more of a workout. Google what’s available in the area. Many caravan sites allow dogs, so this combined with some great walks would make the ideal getaway for your four-legged friend too and save you having to find a dog-sitter. 

Cycling is a popular choice, even in the winter months. Wrap up warm - good gloves are essential - and get out there on two wheels, it’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the local surroundings. You can opt to take your bikes with you if you are able or you should be able to find somewhere to hire them locally if not - look into bike hire options in your area of choice before your holiday so you’re well-prepared.

Be flexible
Don’t be afraid to change your plans if the weather’s not right for the activity you had planned; you can switch things around to do something else more appropriate - it’s sure to be more enjoyable!

Ensure you take a range of appropriate clothing and footwear options - consider everything from umbrellas, warm coats, waterproofs, wellies and walking boots to trainers, hats, scarves, gloves and clothing you can layer.

Make sure you have all you need for your trip! Browse our caravan and motorhome ranges online if you’re looking to start your caravanning journey or considering an upgrade. Our online and on-site shop has everything you could possibly need for an enjoyable trip - from camping furniture to homeware, leisure batteries to safety equipment and more. Get in touch to talk to one of our accessory experts if there’s something you’re undecided on.


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