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Caravan sites will reopen from 12 April so it’s time to start preparing for the new season. After a long winter of restrictions and lockdowns we’re all looking forward to a spring and summer dotted with trips away in our caravan or motorhome, so let’s get ready!

The new season kicks off in just five weeks, so if your leisure vehicle has been sat on your driveway or in storage all winter, you haven’t got long to get everything ready. Make sure you’re sorted, organised and ready to go in advance so you can enjoy the lead-up to your trip without any last-minute stressing or list of tasks to complete.

Where to go?

2021 Holidays

The first thing to decide is where you’d like to go! Near or far? Seaside or woodland? North or south? England has so many amazing places and many of us have only visited a handful of them. Why not pick somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and start researching the sites available - it’ll be an adventure! Don’t forget Wales and Scotland - and if you fancy taking your vehicle on a ferry - Ireland too!

Get your pitches booked

In a normal year you could easily decide last-minute where you fancy going or even play it by ear, but with the pandemic making foreign holidays unlikely, this year is sure to be a busy one! To avoid disappointment we recommend you booking your trip(s) away in advance to secure your pitch. Even if you just get your main holiday booked, you can then take a chance at a late booking on the odd weekend away here and there, especially if you can be a bit more flexible with dates and destinations.

Check your vehicle over

You’ll need to give your caravan or motorhome a thorough check over to make sure nothing has gotten damaged or deteriorated over the winter months. Look for signs of damp, leaks or damaged pipes and check the heating and water systems are fully operational. You’ll also need to check the tyres are in good condition and fill with air if needed. Make sure the kitchen appliances are in working order to avoid any nasty surprises when trying to cook supper on your first night away. Our workshop can help rectify any post-winter problems you may uncover, so get in touch to book a slot with our skilled technicians.

Give it a good clean

They don’t call it a spring clean for nothing! Now’s the time to give your caravan a jolly good wash, so it’s sparkling and ready to be towed! Our on-site shop stocks a range of cleaning products ideal for caravans and motorhomes so drop us an email and we let you know what we’ve got in stock. From long brushes and cloths to specialist cleaning fluid, we’ve got all you need to make light work of it.

Don’t forget the inside! If you left the cushions on board over the winter, give them a good airing and plump. Then give the floor and furniture a hoover, running a small brush attachment round any edges. Next, wipe and dust all surfaces, getting into any nooks and shelves. Rinse down the washroom, treating the sink and loo to a bit of disinfectant. Turning your attention to the kitchen, move any kettles and toasters aside and give the worktop a wipe and clean each appliance thoroughly, especially the fridge as it’ll be near-on impossible to clean after you’ve stocked it!

Plan your activities

What do you plan to do while you’re away? If you have a place of interest earmarked for your trip, double check that it’ll definitely be open when you plan to travel and book tickets if you can. Plan lots of outdoor activities to make the most of the beautiful coast or countryside (depending on your chosen destination) and to avoid coming into close contact with lots of people. And don’t forget to carve out some relaxation time too - it is a holiday after all!

Keep in mind that although restrictions are due to be lifted on 21 June, things could change at any time if the infection rate rises again. If travelling between 12 April and 17 May, pubs and restaurants will only be serving food outside, so you’ll need to keep catering options in mind if the weather is less than kind - caravan cooking and takeaways it will be! Check out our caravan cooking tips for inspiration...

Got everything you need?

Make sure you’ve got everything you need before you set off! Check through your on-board accessories and equipment and browse our online shop to see if we have anything to make your trip go that little bit smoother. Our onsite shop is due to reopen on 12 April and we stock thousands of items, everything from BBQs and homeware, to electrical items, towing parts and outdoor furniture.


Do you fancy spreading out a little more on your trip away? An awning is a great addition to any caravan and some can almost double your footprint! It could be somewhere to dry your clothes, a larger dining area or separate sleeping quarters for your teenage kids - whatever you’d like to use it for, you’ll certainly appreciate it! Check out our ranges - we stock all the big manufacturers from Isabella to Dometic, Dorema to Ventura - and read our blog to discover those all-important things to consider...

If your vehicle needs a bit of TLC, contact our workshop to get it booked in before your trip. For any new accessories you need or fancy, check out our online shop or pop in for a browse when we reopen on 12 April! Email us if there’s something in particular you’re after and we should be able to get in for you.

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