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  • Beginners’ guide to caravanning

    James Mainwaring
    James Mainwaring
    blog / advice / accessories

    Beginners’ guide to caravanning - Winchester Caravans

    Now that you’ve bought your first caravan, the big decision is done! Now it’s time for some smaller ones! Getting your caravan kitted out is an exciting time as you make sure you have everything you need for your first trip away.

    Do you go for sleeping bags or duvets? Real glasses or plastic cups? These are choices that will make a difference to your caravanning experience, but there are some bits of kit you shouldn’t do without...

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  • Caravan covers: get ready for winter

    James Mainwaring
    James Mainwaring
    blog / accessories / shop

    Caravan covers: get ready for winter - Winchester Caravans

    Winter is on its way and what better way to protect your caravan from the elements than to get a cover for it? There are a few things to consider so take a look at all the options...

    Caravan covers took off in the mid-1990s with the introduction of affordable, lightweight fabrics that are water-resistant and breathable. ‘Full’ covers that envelop the entire body of the caravan start from around £120 (hitch and top covers are less) so for relatively little investment you can keep your caravan protected during the winter and any other times you’re not using it.

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  • Meet James Southwood, Managing Director

    James Mainwaring
    James Mainwaring

    James Southwood

    James has always loved camping and caravanning and has many fond memories of childhood camping trips. So when the chance to purchase the business he worked for presented itself, he grabbed it with both hands...

    I’ve worked in the caravan industry for most of my career. After a brief stint in fmcg retail management, I joined Chichester Caravans working in the accessory shop as a sales advisor. It was great because not only was the role enjoyable, but learning about the hundreds of different products related to caravanning was an excellent introduction to the industry.

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  • Your caravan purchase: new or pre-owned?

    James Mainwaring
    James Mainwaring
    blog / advice / new caravans / pre-owned caravans

    Your caravan purchase: new or pre-owned?

    It’s a big decision to make So you’ve decided to go for it and buy a caravan - let the adventures begin! But first you’ve got a few decisions to make. The first and main one being, are you going to go for a new caravan or a pre-owned one?

    This decision may be very simple if it all comes down to budget. How much are you looking to spend? You will need to consider if you have any ‘must haves’ and if so, are these included in the type of caravan that you are considering? If you want a particular spec level but new models with that level are over budget, pre-owned may be the answer.

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  • For all your caravan maintenance needs...

    James Mainwaring
    James Mainwaring
    blog / advice / servicing / safety

    Maintenance and servicing blog

    Caravan maintenance is a must! Get your caravan booked in for its annual service in good time and look after it in between to ensure it stays in tip top condition...

    Buying a caravan is an investment. It isn’t a small purchase, but it is one that will provide many years of enjoyment and opportunities to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. It will give you the means to travel to different areas and countries and experience as many different places as your heart desires and your calendar allows!

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  • Tips for first time caravan buyers

    James Mainwaring
    James Mainwaring

    Tips for first time caravan buyers

    Discover our top tips for caravan newbies - we’ll give you all the info you need to make the right purchase...

    So you’re looking to buy your first caravan - what an exciting time! Just think of all the adventures you’ll have in it and all the places you’ll visit. Owning a caravan not only gives you the means to get away from it all on a regular basis, but also the incentive; once you’ve made the purchase, you’ll want to make the most of it!

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  • Don’t miss our open weekend on 27-29 September!

    James Mainwaring
    James Mainwaring
    blog / events

    Swift Basecamp with Vango Awning

    We’re hosting an open weekend on 27-29 September to celebrate the release of the new 2020 models and mark four years of trading as Winchester Caravans.

    As we are now official Swift dealers, we’re thrilled to welcome the new 2020 ranges and will have a selection of models on display. As an extra incentive, we’re also waiving the manufacturer’s delivery charge on all new Swift caravans, which is a saving of over £500 to our customers.

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